Race the 50 States

My ultimate goal is to be a part of the 50 States Half Marathon Club (yes, I say HALF), having run a half marathon in all 50 states. There are a number of states I haven't ever been to, either, so this is a great way to also reach my life goal of making it to all 50! 

My Completed States
1. Texas - Chosen Marathon for Adoption
2. Georgia - Callaway Gardens Half Marathon
3. Florida - Wine and Dine Half Marathon
4. California - Operation Jack Half Marathon
5. South Carolina - Clemson Easter Bunny Half Marathon
6. Nevada - Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas
7. Arizona - Rock 'n Roll Arizona
8. Oregon - Portland Half Marathon
9. New York - Rock 'n Roll Brooklyn 

Up Next
10. Washington - Rock 'n Roll Seattle (June 18)

Other Races
Virginia - Ragnar DC
Maryland - Ragnar DC


  1. You need to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half! I loved it!

  2. You must live in Georgia or Texas!!?? I was at Surf City this year too! Awesome Race!!

    1. I live(d) in Texas, currently live in Georgia. :) Surf City is indeed an AWESOME race!

  3. You've got the coasts started! Now you just have to work your way to Nebraska and come run with me :) I added you to my run50 list on my page and cannot wait to keep up with your progress!

    1. Yay, thanks Kelsey! Yeah, it helps when you've lived on both coasts! Haha. I'll definitely get to working on the middle! Recommendations for Nebraska? :)