Race & Product Discounts

Spartan Race
(image is link)

Race Weekend: October 7 - 9, 2016
Use code RUNJLBMMJ for 10% off any of the Long Beach events - 5K, half and full marathon, bike races or combo (bike/run)! 

Portland Marathon

Sunday, October 9
Use code MEGAN16 for $10 off your registration!

Rock 'n Roll Marathon Series 

Varied Dates 
Use code RUNMEGANRUN for $15 off 2016 marathon and half marathon distances! 

Use code MEGAN16 for 10% off any of the three Zooma locations!

Please note that the corresponding codes are unique to me, as I serve as an ambassador/blogging team member of the above races. You may share these with friends, as anyone may use them. I appreciate your support! Let me know where I'll see you!

Other Codes

Sunday, July 31
Use code TSFM2016ASHLEY for $10 off registration!

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  1. YAY! Thanks for putting my code up there buddy. You are the best!!! :)