Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's All Coming Together

... slowly but surely, home is coming together. I didn't want to get a coffee table first, by any means, but I LOVED this bookshelf and both pieces were on sale at Target, so why not? This completes my furniture purchasing... until I get a real paycheck.

This bookshelf turned out to be a complete, royal, pain-in-the-you-know-what and I have concreted my original idea that I am not made for putting together furniture. IKEA might not be in the near future, after all. This sucker definitely took me probably two times longer than it should have and I promptly went to bed and called it a day.

And the little coffee table that took all of 5 minutes to put together. Figures. And hello from Molly. :)

Much love!

Georgia Livin'

Hi everyone!

I decided to make this my more personal blog for life in Georgia - so stay tuned here for life updates and on-goings and all the fun!

Molly and I are slowly getting settled into the new apartment. Well, Molly's settled, as you'll see below... I'm doing all the settling! But so far so good at this new place. If you haven't heard the story or timeline, this was our week:

  • Sunday: arrive in Athens

  • Monday: home-finding day! Went to 2 complexes and signed with the second. Crazy, I know, but I know it was the right place. I found it online prior to Athens, and accidentally found it driving out of the first complex we checked out. The leasing agent was super, and I felt like it could be home pretty quickly. Signed pretty much right then and there.

  • Tuesday: moved in!

  • Wednesday: started work!

  • Thursday: dad left. Womp.
So needless to say it's been a whirlwind of a week. Work has been a little slow to totally get moving, but only for the sole reason that I have a lot to learn before I can jump right in to anything major. Much more learning to go, but I have a few exciting things coming up that I'll get to have a hand in, so at least there's excitement in the future for me. This campus is HUGE (2nd largest in the country by acreage/square footage/whatever) and there's more buildings than I can even keep track of. I, thankfully, am based in the student center, which is pretty much the center of the world on campus -- 2nd only to Sanford Stadium which, conveniently, is out the backdoor of our office. Literally. Awesome.

For now, you get unpacked pictures of what this place looks like. As it comes together, of course, you'll get more. But for now, the unglorious side of our new home in Athens! This is all on Friday -- the first real day of unpacking fun. Mind you, I HATE unpacking. I will pack all day long but when it comes to unpacking, I wish I could hire someone to put things away for me. Oi. So clearly, the living room is on the left, in all it's storage-room-status glory. And once I found Molly's toys, she was all kinds of happy and didn't really care where we were or what I was doing.

And for now, the one part of my house that's completely put together -- the linen closet! Yay progress!

Much love to everyone,
Meg (and Molly)