Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Love: The Phoenix Edition

Oh man, what a weekend. Can I get a weekend to recover from the weekend (or the past five)? If only Mondays weren’t so cruel. This weekend was ridiculously amazing and while I can’t wait to share my race recap with you, you’ll have to wait a few more days (the torture, I know) so I can share generally about the awesomeness that this entire weekend was!

Friday morning was a boatload of errands in getting ready to head out the door to Phoenix. Dropped Molly off at my parents’ house, visited the niece!... you know, things that are critical before heading out of town. We got dropped off at the airport to pick up our rental car and were out and on the road by 11:30. A few more errands on the way out (isn’t adulting fun?) and we were really, really on the road by noon. A Chipotle lunch stop and then for the long haul to Phoenix. We got in about 7 pm (dang time change) and Tina met us at our hotel about half hour later to get to the expo. She stayed the night in our super ghetto fab hotel to save herself 45 extra minutes in the morning. 

We're on the wall... somewhere!
And just like that... race day was upon us! Because we weren't getting our stuff until nearly 8 pm, half the expo had shut down (bummer), but we still had some fun. We got back to our room, settled in with the first episode of Fuller House, and were in bed for real before 10:30. With a 3:00-something alarm clock, 10:30 was already pushing it. 

Race morning. Unless I'm gunning for a goal, I don't really get nervous before a race. I was a ball of nerves before this race (like all week long) and they really flared up as Tina and I headed to the race start. Nothing like a marathon you're already not feeling ready for, right?

And then there was a race.

Mile 17. And feeling surprisingly amazing.
Tina ran the half while I ran the full, so she had plenty of time to kill between her finish (2:30) and mine (spoiler: 4:55). Her hubby and kiddos came out for a bit but were gone by the time I finished - such is the life with two toddlers! 

I promise, race recap coming on Wednesday so you can read all about how it wasn't even close to the time I was gunning for but how ecstatic I am with how I performed. Makes sense, doesn't it? Yep.

It was HARD getting up on that stage...
I headed straight back to the pool for an ice bath in the hotel and a quick shower before Doug and I went to meet up with Kasey (no pics... does that mean it didn't happen?) at The Yard (best post-marathon lunch ever) for drinks and lunch. Then it was off to Tina and Jon's for an attempt at a nap - does anyone else's legs get super twitchy and restless after a long race? before we headed out with the Lyonses for a celebration evening! Celebrating our races, friends, and of course... our engagement!

What a freaking fun evening but by then I was BEAT. At least I knew I'd sleep well that night considering my uber-short nap that afternoon. So maybe that's a win, too!

I was greeted Sunday morning with toddlers yelling for me (seriously, adorable) and singing happy birthdayyyyy at the top of their lungs because who cares if it's not someone's birthday? What a fun way to wake up! Doug and I headed out of town and stopped at Cracker Barrel for pancakes (best day-after breakfast ever) before really getting on the road. We were back home about 3, dropped off the rental, unpacked and duh... finished our weekend at the happiest place on earth.

Disney... duh!

Amazing weekend, amazing friends, amazing memories. How lucky can one woman get?

How was your weekend?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #8

February 21 - 27

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too!

Side note: Can you BELIEVE we are EIGHT weeks into the year? Wasn't New Years yesterday?

Last week was tough. But upwards and onwards into a new week and RACE WEEK at that, right? Last week really left me feeling incredibly anxious about what not running for nearly a week and a half would mean for me at that race. When it came down to it, though, I decided that not running for 9 days wouldn't affect me significantly. Sure, I might lose a little stamina or speed, but I was confident that I can at least tackle 26.2. Note: don't always do as I do! I like to think I'm quite fit but I don't recommend running a marathon on little to no training! 

Sunday | Rest
I was at a conference all weekend and though I packed all my running gear, I never actually made it up and out of bed in the morning. Honestly, though, by the time the week started, I was ready to get up and going - maybe I needed to be out of my own bed and head to get going.

Sunday morning the conference wrapped up, but I got to present one of the last sessions on using social media in university and college orientation programs. I had a total blast and loved that nearly 50 people came to hang out and learn with me. So much fun!

Monday | Rest
The Monday after a conference is always ROUGH, so I knew that there was nothing happening this day! More excitedly, though, our niece was born early Monday morning, so we zipped straight from work to the hospital to go visit! She is absolutely beautiful and precious and I am so excited to love on her.

Tuesday | 4.46 miles 
I apparently gave my phone a very dirty look when it went off on Tuesday at 5:45 and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I have zero recollection of this, but that's what Doug says. So I packed up my running stuff to run around campus after work. It was way windy and I would've frozen, so that didn't work out either. On my way home, I thought to ask Sandy and Jen if they'd be running at Fleet Feet - thankfully, they were in! Awesome miles with Sandy and even ran an extra quarter-mile in the parking lot at home. :)

4.46 miles / 42:12 / 9:27 pace

Wednesday | 2 miles + yoga 
After some unnecessary life drama on Wednesday, I was looking forward to yoga more than ever. I headed over to Fleet Feet early to get in a few miles and get my legs moving before runner recovery yoga (seriously, the best).

I've been struggling so much the last two weeks with running and that has terrified me as I've got 26.2 to run on Saturday. On my way out of the shopping complex where FF is, I was running out of the parking lot at Fleet Feet when a guy stopped with his window down and said, "WOW! You look like you really enjoy running." What a freaking BOOST! I smiled and said, "Yeah, I really do!" Sometimes it's about getting back to the beginning and figuring out why you do what you do. I enjoy, love, appreciate running. Thank you, stranger, for helping me remember that. It was just what I needed to hear heading into the marathon this weekend. 

2 miles / 17:53 / 8:57 pace + 60 minutes yoga

Smiling, happy, and at peace.

Thursday | Rest
A busy day in the office and my last day of work for the week! Final packing, prep, and house cleaning before heading out to Phoenix on Friday for THE MARATHON. Gulp.

Friday | Super Duper Easy 2 
Or almost two. Took the puppy out for a pre-road trip shakeout in #thegibblers because DUH! 

I mean, you know... I ran a marathon. So there's that. More on that this week! 

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Phoenix-Bound & Marathon Weekend

Arizona or bust!

It's Phoenix Marathon weekend. Holy crap.

Today, we're Phoenix-bound. Checking into our hotel for the night, dinner, waiting for Tina to get there so we can hit up the expo and promptly pass out because we have an alarm clock for o'dark thirty hours to catch a bus to the top of a mountain. 

Or something like that.

We were in Phoenix just four weeks ago, but I am WAY excited to see my favorite twins again!

But because it's a Friday, and my Friday Favorites are always a thing, here's some extra super special favorites:

1. Fuller House
 Fuller House hit Netflix today! That is all. 

2. #TheGibblers
In such an honor, the interwebz are rocking their Gibblers today for Kimmie or the amazing Andrea Barber. If you don't have them yet, you can order them here. And if you are, make sure you share the love with #thegibblers on IG. I rocked mine on a little shakeout run this morning. 

3. Yoga
In the last six weeks or so since I started doing yoga just once a week, I've really come to enjoy my hour-long session on Wednesday evenings. A chance to recoup, rejuvenate and let go of whatever is going on in real life or in my head. I still feel like this sometimes:
but I can already feel what a difference it's made. Now if I can just get myself to practice more than once a week (my dad's a total yogi and goes three times a week!), I know how much more it will do for me. I am far from flexible, but I see a little progress and that's exciting. :)

Have you watched the entire 13 episodes of Fuller House yet?!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Phoenix Marathon: Goals

I feel like I was just writing that the Phoenix Marathon was 30 days away. And now, unbelievably, we're jsut five days from toeing the line and beginning another 26.2 mile journey through Mesa.

I've trained, kind of. My longest run has only been 16 miles (though that's true for the two other marathons I've run). However, I am very comfortably at a point where running 13.1 is more than easy and I like to say I can do it in my sleep - that is to say that I can bust out a half marathon pretty much any weekend I please (and let's be real, I do). Running another 13.1 right after that might be a different story, however, and I guess we'll see come Saturday.

I am nervous. I am feeling under-prepared, though I know my fitness is good enough to get me to the finish line. Will it be my best? Who knows. The weather is already predicted as hot, so I'm gearing myself up for that and re-visiting things that happend at LA last year and how I adjusted so that I might plan accordingly.

Tina will be running the half (and hopefully achieving her sub-2:30 goal!), and we'll have Doug and hopefully Jon and the cutest twins ever waiting for us at the finish line. The ProCompression crew and We Run Social crew have a strong representation, so I know those folks will help me get out of my head come race morning and just have a freaking good time.

But all that being taken into consideration, I have some goals for the race. I've said to myself for awhile that - at the worst - I use this race as a temperature check for the OC full come May 1. Either I just need to get in some of those good, long runs, or I am doing okay and just need to maintain my fitness. I can already tell you that I am going to be certain that after some marathon recovery time next week, I am going to very intentionally get back into my strength training game, continue with recovery yoga, and be much more mindful about what I am consuming (hello, wedding dress shopping is coming, too!).

But for now, I have Mesa to conquer. Let's do this.

There's a good hill at mile 5, but this course is fast otherwise. I just need to run smart and not burn myself out, especially given the anticipated heat. 

Goals? You betcha. Take a look. 

A) A Time
I've said this out loud to two people. I have a goal time on the year - and currently, I have 4 opportunities to achieve said time, two of which are steady downhill races (to bookend the year, no less). I am anxious to share, again fighting off the disappointment of not achieving a goal you've put out there so much. So hopefully I can come back Saturday at lunch and tell you some really badass news. We'll just see if it happens here or not. 

B) Just a PR. 
The current PR is from LA last year and still stands at 4:52. That was in a head index of nearly 100 and up until mile 16, I was on track for a near-4:30 performance. I am (fairly) confident I can put something like that into play.

C) Run a strong race.
A PR doesn't always mean it was a strong race. I know how to run a half comfortably, and I am wanting to see if I can make a marathon a comfortable race (future forecast: probs not. It shouldn't be comfortable, should it?) I want to run smart and consistent, knowing that this can just be a gauge for how I am doing heading into OC. 

That's it. Vague, for a reason. I hope with all my heart I can report back to you with some really freaking awesome news and an even great charge and motivation to kick ass as I make my way through OC training in a few weeks! 

See you in Phoenix?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #7

February 14 - 20

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too! 

I talked a little bit on Thursday about the need for a mental taper. After running/pacing the Mermaid Half in San Diego last weekend, I did nothing from Sunday to Wednesday. I mean, we did a lot - Monday we met my parents at a local casino for dinner and a little gambling, Tuesday Doug's coaching school opened their new stadium (yay!) and Wednesday we took a friend out for dinner. I had a blast, and while I felt guilty not getting up in the mornings, I also felt no dire need.

So come later in the week, I had relaxed a bit and was a little more ready to work.

Sunday - Thursday | Rest
I only missed Monday's scheduled cross-training and Tuesday's easy 3-mile run, and while I tried on Wednesday, it didn't happen then either. Thursday I missed an easy 5, getting ready for the conference i was at all weekend. And that's okay. I'm at peace, and sometimes that's just the way it all goes.

Friday | 3.5 miles
I was able to sleep in a little bit on Friday. Since I was at my parents' house (because I didn't want to be all by myself without Doug OR the dog), I rolled out of bed and took Molly out on the trails. I think she's happy, don't you?

Saturday | Rest
I wasat a conference all weekend, as I mentioned,  so I wasn't planning on any miles, but I packed my gear just in case.

It's Phoenix Marathon week. I'm nervous, antsy, anxious and excited. This training cycle wasn't fully what I wanted it to be, but I know I'm in shape and conditioned to handle 26.2. Goals for the race coming up tomorrow, so you'll have to hang tight to see what I'm hoping, but ready to at least get to the start line and see how it all goes!

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites #12

This week has seriously flown by. Maybe it helps that I had a short week at work (Monday - Thursday), since we're headed out to a conference this afternoon at Cal Poly. But either way, it's blown by, I haven't done a whole lot of anything, but have had a super productive week in the office. Sometimes you gotta take office wins over fitness wins, right?

But either way, I'm excited for some really awesome things that have been going around - so let's jump in, because who doesn't like ending their week on a high note?!

1. Rock 'n Blog & #AlltheRaces
AsI got to share last week, I'm back to being a part of the super fabulous, selfie-master-takers Rock 'n Blog crew for 2016. Discount code coming soon... BUT I finally registered for my first two races of the series:

Half Marathon, Sunday, June 5

Half Marathon, Sunday, October 30

I wish I were doing the remix in San Diego (5K on Saturday), but I've got to work all day Saturday like last year, so I'm just in for the half this year! I love the San Diego race - you see so much of the city and the neighborhoods and community really come out in full force to support the runners. Love.

LA registration just opened yesterday at a special rate of $50, so if you haven't gotten in yet, go do it!

I'm also eye-balling doing the Carlsbad 5000 (5K), as I'll be in San Diego post-Ragnar anyway, so why not add a 5K, right?

2. This Weekend's Conference
I was in Denver last October for our professional association's national conference, and this weekend, we're co-hosting with Cal Poly. I'm super excited because I'm also presenting twice this weekend - something I haven't done in a LONG time at a conference - so pretty stoked to get myself back out there, especially in a new association!

3. All the Shoes!
So Brooks is discontinuing my favorite running shoe, the Pure Connects, after 4 models. I've been runing in them for nearly four years, so I'm a little upset and super bummed. But thanks to modern technology  I've been price stalking for weeks and finally bought a (first?) round of them to supplement me for a while. I'm hoping to do another round, because they're nearly half-off right now... so why wouldn't I? My first pairs came in Wednesday night! :)

4. The Rundead
SO - and I've had to wait a REALLY long time to share this, though you saw it on Insta last weekend, but I'll finally start sharing deets! Back in December, Michael and I had the really cool opportunity to be an extra on Brooks' first-ever commercial, airing during the Olympic Trials!

It was a totally incredible and awesome and RANDOM experience, but so much fun! Isn't it amazing what running connects you to? More details on the blog next week, but in case you missed the commercial, here's the FULL cut (see how many times you can spot Michael and bonus points if you find me):

Full details to come, promise!

It's been a good week in all things but running... but hey, sometimes an off week is just what you need! Happy Friday!

What are your highs from the week? Anything awesome to share?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sometimes a Mental Taper is What You Need

This week has been tough.

I think the last four weeks have been truly catching up with me - and it's not even in terms of running, but in life. Traveling is great and fun and all and I wish I could even do it more, but it's not until the last of the weekends-away-from-home come creepin' upon you that you wish you could just stay home for the weekend. With little to nothing to do.

But true, no?
I don't think I've had a chill weekend since January 9-10. And that still involved running a half, then staying out until 1 or 2 am doing karaoke, and then spending all day Sunday lounging and a whole lot of nothing. Since then, it's been a lot of go, go. go. Which - let's be real - probably eventually added up to the flu.

After Surf City, I was really nervous for pacing the following weekend at Mermaid. 2:15 is a walk in the park these days, but for how lousy I felt at Surf, I was anxious to make sure that I didn't feel that way when I was responsible for meeting a time expectation. Good news: I felt fantastic.

With Phoenix coming up in just a week and a half (didn't I just write that 30 Days post yesterday?!), I haven't run since Saturday at Mermaid - we spent a lot of time walking around Sea World, and I've been pretty fantastically lazy since Sunday. The running clothes and shoes have laid on the bathroom floor a few mornings, waiting for me to get up and go do it, but it's just not happening.

And I'm starting to think that's okay. I mean, tapering shouldn't mean you're putting in zero miles, but I think the mental taper is here and that I realize that not getting in two 3-mile runs won't kill me next weekend. I'm conditioned, I'm in shape (maybe not as great as I want, but I am) and that I'll still be able to conquer Phoenix with no problem. Mental tapering is totally a thing.

Rock 'n Roll posted this yesterday and it was just perfect timing. I have a week and a half to get my head on straight, to get in a few easy runs to keep my legs fresh, but  I know I'm going to be fine.

T-minus 9 days until 26.2!

When you're close to a big race, how do you stay mentally focused? Do you let yourself go easy the last two weeks of taper?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Meet the Long Beach Ambassador Team!

I announced a last weekend that I am BACK for a second year as an ambassador for the amazing Long Beach Marathon. I am way stoked to be back again and to be a part of an incredible team of six athletes all getting to represent Run Racing this year and everything that Long Beach has to offer.

I've run the half marthon twice (you can read those recaps here and here) and as of earlier last week, I took the leap and registered for the FULL this year - holy crap. That makes four full marathons this year but I am way excited to take on a new challenge with this one, since I've already run the half twice. Eeep! In a spur of the moment, I also signed up for the Aquarium of the Pacific 5K because you GET TO RUN WITH THE FISHES! Not that fishes run... but you know what I mean.

{ source
But as I said, I  have an incredible group of other ambassadors around me, so I wanted to introduce them to you too because you know we will be EVERYWHERE spreading the LB love.

Sarah | Twitter | Instagram
Linzie | Twitter | Instagram | Blog
Ivie | Twitter | Instagram
Tony | Twitter | Instagram

Follow the Long Beach Marathon sites too!

Pay them a visit, drop by and like their pages, and be sure to follow me and all of them for ALL THE FUN we're going to be having this year leading up to race weekend on October 7-9! 

Want to run Long Beach with me?

Use code RUNJLBMMJ for 10% off registration for ANY of the weekend events - 5K, half, full and even the bike races! 

Let me know if I'll see you there! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Race Report: Mermaid Series Half Marathon - San Diego

February 13, 2016 | San Diego, CA

I was fortunate enough to be able to join Beast Pacing for this event - and even got to run with another Beast pacer from out of state, which was awesome - and had a freaking blast. What a wonderful race that I will definitely be coming back to!

The Mermaid race offers a 5K, 10K and half at the San Diego location. Packet pick up is available starting even Thursday evening (!), Friday evening, and race day. Since Doug and I didn't head down until late Friday night, we rolled into packet pick up early Saturday morning to get it all together before meeting the rest of the Beast team for go-time. The 10K starts first, followed by the half, then the 5K, so we had a bit of time to get ourselves together, talked about who was running LA the next day, and catching up with pacer friends! Always a great way to start the morning.

I kind of forget that the coastal cover doesn't burn off in San Diego quite as quick as it does in LA, and that it was quite cold at the start, but I knew I'd be warm enough that I'd be fine in short sleeves and could just deal.

This course is awesome and follows along the inlet of Mission Bay and then all the way around the outisde. Save for about a half-mile near the turn-around (15K mark or so), you see water the entire way. Mission Bay was one of my favorite places while I lived in San Diego, so this was a good little fun run to just enjoy the scenery and the (what turned out to be) gorgeous morning in San Diego. Because, you know... 80 degrees in February. Sorry, east coast friends.

There were quite a few women in my group (note that a handful of men run this race, too! Though targeted towards women, men are welcome. Instead of 'Mermaid' shirts, theirs say 'Merman'!), some who were trying to PR, one who was running her first half and is running her first full in June (!), and a woman who's a multi-Ironman and just runs casually now, a few races a year. I loved being able to chat the entire way, especially encouraging those first-timers or PR-bound people!

Mile 6. Courtesy Vanessa
Pacing Team 2:15 was a comfortable shift. After Surf City, I was feeling a little down and out, and actually was really nervous about taking on another half right after, even though a 2:15 is beyond a comfy pace for me. I felt amazing on Saturday and not once questioned how I was feeling or that I was capable. I mean, no pressure while you're pacing, right? ;)

We cruised in for a 2:13:38 finish. Suzie (my first-timer) bolted at mile 10 and breezed in to a 2;10 finish (not bad for a first half!) and I ran the last two miles almost totally solo, though I know a few folks were on my tail trying to stick close, which is always fun. Honestly, one of my favorite things about pacing is someone coming up to you afterward because they followed you the whole race, just wanting to keep you in sight, to help them PR or stay strong after coming back from ______ (insert whatever challenge it was here). At least a handful of folks did that on Saturday morning and it always makes me so giddy!

The Mermaid signature bling in years past was a necklace, and this year they even added a medal to go with it too! I appreciate that all participants (all races) got both, as the necklace is super cute but one I probably wouldn't wear on the regular.

My favorite is the back of the medal that reads (and matches the back of the women's shirts):

 * Be fearless, beautiful, strong. Be free.  *

A beautiful race, a beautiful morning, and not much more I could ask for in feeling strong than I had just six days prior. Hooray for bouncing back! 

Race Pros
- Flat and fast
- Gorgeous scenery the whole way through
- Medal and necklace for finishers' bling
- Fantastic volunteer support from UCSD Cheer and Alpha Phi Omega (thanks y'all!)

Race Cons
- Honestly, none. 

Do you like races that do necklaces for finishers "medals"?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #6

February 7 - February 13

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too! 

Sunday | Surf City Half Marathon 
I'm sure you've heard and/or read all about it by now... but the race wasn't as planned. The damn flu will do that to you, so such is life! A 2:03 finish is nothing to scoff at, especially since it's almost an 8-minute course PR, just not the goal I had in mind. Off to start looking for another spring goal race to tackle.

Pre-race. Pre-engagement
13.11 miles / 2:03:40 / 9:26 pace

Monday | Rest
I knew that I had pushed my body just enough on Sunday with how tight my calves were on Monday. I rolled out a bit just to get a little looser, but I definitely knew that my body was reacting to being down and out all week and then being pulled through a 13 mile run. Eh, at least I was smart enough to back off on Sunday so I didn't feel any worse than tight calves.

Tuesday | 3 Miles Easy
I attempted (and yes, will already admit to the attempt) of getting this run in when I got home from work after a few minutes on the couch (maybe that was my mistake). I headed to the complex gym, hopped on the treadmill and lasted all of 15 minutes. Fail. My body wasn't in it, my head wasn't in it... so I called it quits to give myself another day.

1.5 miles / 15:something / Over it

Wednesday | Rest
I should really stop scheduling Wednesday as a 'Rest' day because although it's just yoga, it's still an active, good workout and/or stretch session that is quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. Some weeks  I've even just run a shakeout two or three miles, but this week opted for just a good stretch sesh to workout my calves. Thank you, Fleet Feet!

Yoga / 60:00 

Thursday | 3-4 Miles Easy
Sandy asked in a very mind-reading text (because I was about to text her) if I was going to Fleet Feet for their group run. I had thought about it and was hoping that at least someone I knew would be there, so I was stoked when she said she was going! I knew she was just waiting to hear about the story. ;) We chatted the entire way and just had a fun, super casual and easy run... just what I needed to get over the flu mental game I've been fighting this week! A blast, as always!

#payforyourowndinner. Stolen from Sandy
5.14 miles / 53:59 / 10:26 pace

Friday | Rest
Not an overall great week, but again coming back from the flu certainly took its toll on me and I certainly felt it this week. Friday was a good rest day after 5 (albeit, easy) miles on Friday to get ready for Saturday's race in San Diego!

Doug and I took off after I got home from work on Friday night (and scrambled to pack) for my pacing gig at Mermaid San Diego and then (again, because he planned circles around me) we made plans to stay in San Diego all weekend to (what I know now is to) CELEBRATE!

Saturday | Mermaid Half Marathon
I got picked up a few months ago to pace this all-women's event in San Diego. I figured even after 2:03 on Sunday, and hopefully even after the flu, that pacing 2:15 was a walk in the park for me (after all, I can still pull off a 2:11 with bronchitis!). Race morning was beautiful and perfect along Mission Bay in San Diego (one of the prettiest places ever to run!).

Overall, not a great week but cutting myself a little slack as I bounce back from being sick all last week. You do what you can do, right?

I'm starting to get REALLY nervous for Phoenix. I signed up with the intention of it being a sort of temperature check for the OC full (May 1). If I run well, awesome, and if I'm not my best, that's okay. I'll then know where to charge forward after recovering from Phoenix and jumping into OC training. Time will only tell and Phoenix will tell me in two weeks how I'm really doing.

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!