Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Love: The Phoenix Edition

Oh man, what a weekend. Can I get a weekend to recover from the weekend (or the past five)? If only Mondays weren’t so cruel. This weekend was ridiculously amazing and while I can’t wait to share my race recap with you, you’ll have to wait a few more days (the torture, I know) so I can share generally about the awesomeness that this entire weekend was!

Friday morning was a boatload of errands in getting ready to head out the door to Phoenix. Dropped Molly off at my parents’ house, visited the niece!... you know, things that are critical before heading out of town. We got dropped off at the airport to pick up our rental car and were out and on the road by 11:30. A few more errands on the way out (isn’t adulting fun?) and we were really, really on the road by noon. A Chipotle lunch stop and then for the long haul to Phoenix. We got in about 7 pm (dang time change) and Tina met us at our hotel about half hour later to get to the expo. She stayed the night in our super ghetto fab hotel to save herself 45 extra minutes in the morning. 

We're on the wall... somewhere!
And just like that... race day was upon us! Because we weren't getting our stuff until nearly 8 pm, half the expo had shut down (bummer), but we still had some fun. We got back to our room, settled in with the first episode of Fuller House, and were in bed for real before 10:30. With a 3:00-something alarm clock, 10:30 was already pushing it. 

Race morning. Unless I'm gunning for a goal, I don't really get nervous before a race. I was a ball of nerves before this race (like all week long) and they really flared up as Tina and I headed to the race start. Nothing like a marathon you're already not feeling ready for, right?

And then there was a race.

Mile 17. And feeling surprisingly amazing.
Tina ran the half while I ran the full, so she had plenty of time to kill between her finish (2:30) and mine (spoiler: 4:55). Her hubby and kiddos came out for a bit but were gone by the time I finished - such is the life with two toddlers! 

I promise, race recap coming on Wednesday so you can read all about how it wasn't even close to the time I was gunning for but how ecstatic I am with how I performed. Makes sense, doesn't it? Yep.

It was HARD getting up on that stage...
I headed straight back to the pool for an ice bath in the hotel and a quick shower before Doug and I went to meet up with Kasey (no pics... does that mean it didn't happen?) at The Yard (best post-marathon lunch ever) for drinks and lunch. Then it was off to Tina and Jon's for an attempt at a nap - does anyone else's legs get super twitchy and restless after a long race? before we headed out with the Lyonses for a celebration evening! Celebrating our races, friends, and of course... our engagement!

What a freaking fun evening but by then I was BEAT. At least I knew I'd sleep well that night considering my uber-short nap that afternoon. So maybe that's a win, too!

I was greeted Sunday morning with toddlers yelling for me (seriously, adorable) and singing happy birthdayyyyy at the top of their lungs because who cares if it's not someone's birthday? What a fun way to wake up! Doug and I headed out of town and stopped at Cracker Barrel for pancakes (best day-after breakfast ever) before really getting on the road. We were back home about 3, dropped off the rental, unpacked and duh... finished our weekend at the happiest place on earth.

Disney... duh!

Amazing weekend, amazing friends, amazing memories. How lucky can one woman get?

How was your weekend?


  1. I love running with you. It totally makes a difference just knowing you have a BFF out on the course! Jon is excited he made the blog!

    1. I totally missed this before. I agree, having someone out there is a total game changer! And yay for Jon being on the blog! :)

  2. Congrats on the marathon once again, and it looks like you had fun. You are smiling post-race and were able to get out for lunch so that's a good sign! I can wait on the recap, I know how long it takes to write them and how sometimes it's better to let the experience sink in a few days anyway.

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