Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #8

February 21 - 27

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too!

Side note: Can you BELIEVE we are EIGHT weeks into the year? Wasn't New Years yesterday?

Last week was tough. But upwards and onwards into a new week and RACE WEEK at that, right? Last week really left me feeling incredibly anxious about what not running for nearly a week and a half would mean for me at that race. When it came down to it, though, I decided that not running for 9 days wouldn't affect me significantly. Sure, I might lose a little stamina or speed, but I was confident that I can at least tackle 26.2. Note: don't always do as I do! I like to think I'm quite fit but I don't recommend running a marathon on little to no training! 

Sunday | Rest
I was at a conference all weekend and though I packed all my running gear, I never actually made it up and out of bed in the morning. Honestly, though, by the time the week started, I was ready to get up and going - maybe I needed to be out of my own bed and head to get going.

Sunday morning the conference wrapped up, but I got to present one of the last sessions on using social media in university and college orientation programs. I had a total blast and loved that nearly 50 people came to hang out and learn with me. So much fun!

Monday | Rest
The Monday after a conference is always ROUGH, so I knew that there was nothing happening this day! More excitedly, though, our niece was born early Monday morning, so we zipped straight from work to the hospital to go visit! She is absolutely beautiful and precious and I am so excited to love on her.

Tuesday | 4.46 miles 
I apparently gave my phone a very dirty look when it went off on Tuesday at 5:45 and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I have zero recollection of this, but that's what Doug says. So I packed up my running stuff to run around campus after work. It was way windy and I would've frozen, so that didn't work out either. On my way home, I thought to ask Sandy and Jen if they'd be running at Fleet Feet - thankfully, they were in! Awesome miles with Sandy and even ran an extra quarter-mile in the parking lot at home. :)

4.46 miles / 42:12 / 9:27 pace

Wednesday | 2 miles + yoga 
After some unnecessary life drama on Wednesday, I was looking forward to yoga more than ever. I headed over to Fleet Feet early to get in a few miles and get my legs moving before runner recovery yoga (seriously, the best).

I've been struggling so much the last two weeks with running and that has terrified me as I've got 26.2 to run on Saturday. On my way out of the shopping complex where FF is, I was running out of the parking lot at Fleet Feet when a guy stopped with his window down and said, "WOW! You look like you really enjoy running." What a freaking BOOST! I smiled and said, "Yeah, I really do!" Sometimes it's about getting back to the beginning and figuring out why you do what you do. I enjoy, love, appreciate running. Thank you, stranger, for helping me remember that. It was just what I needed to hear heading into the marathon this weekend. 

2 miles / 17:53 / 8:57 pace + 60 minutes yoga

Smiling, happy, and at peace.

Thursday | Rest
A busy day in the office and my last day of work for the week! Final packing, prep, and house cleaning before heading out to Phoenix on Friday for THE MARATHON. Gulp.

Friday | Super Duper Easy 2 
Or almost two. Took the puppy out for a pre-road trip shakeout in #thegibblers because DUH! 

I mean, you know... I ran a marathon. So there's that. More on that this week! 

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  1. Wow what a busy week for you. Congrats on the new neice, babies are so much fun ok when they get a little older. :) And Congrats on the 26.2 I am so not even close to that distance, although my 5k getting faster some what.

    1. Thanks - a super busy week, but such a great one! :) 26.2 is certainly not for the faint of heart, but something I think anyone can work up to! Thanks for linking up again!

  2. Sometimes we all have rough weeks in training! Mine has been due to my crazy work schedule- I haven't gotten in all the training I wanted this month! I wasn't as prepared for my half as I wanted to be, but it ended up going well. Congrats on your marathon!! Can't wait to read the recap!

    1. Your half turned out awesome! so excited for you! Race recap coming Wednesday! :)

  3. What a cute niece you have. You inspire to to ru today.

  4. Congratulations on your marathon, how many is this for you? This is your first time to link a post with Weekly Wrap right? I co-host it with my friend Holly. Hope you have a great recovery week.

    1. Thanks Tricia! That was full #3, with #4 coming up in just 8 weeks! I am way excited!

      And yes, this was my first time linking up with your weekly wrap! I hope to be back every week! :)