Friday, February 26, 2016

Phoenix-Bound & Marathon Weekend

Arizona or bust!

It's Phoenix Marathon weekend. Holy crap.

Today, we're Phoenix-bound. Checking into our hotel for the night, dinner, waiting for Tina to get there so we can hit up the expo and promptly pass out because we have an alarm clock for o'dark thirty hours to catch a bus to the top of a mountain. 

Or something like that.

We were in Phoenix just four weeks ago, but I am WAY excited to see my favorite twins again!

But because it's a Friday, and my Friday Favorites are always a thing, here's some extra super special favorites:

1. Fuller House
 Fuller House hit Netflix today! That is all. 

2. #TheGibblers
In such an honor, the interwebz are rocking their Gibblers today for Kimmie or the amazing Andrea Barber. If you don't have them yet, you can order them here. And if you are, make sure you share the love with #thegibblers on IG. I rocked mine on a little shakeout run this morning. 

3. Yoga
In the last six weeks or so since I started doing yoga just once a week, I've really come to enjoy my hour-long session on Wednesday evenings. A chance to recoup, rejuvenate and let go of whatever is going on in real life or in my head. I still feel like this sometimes:
but I can already feel what a difference it's made. Now if I can just get myself to practice more than once a week (my dad's a total yogi and goes three times a week!), I know how much more it will do for me. I am far from flexible, but I see a little progress and that's exciting. :)

Have you watched the entire 13 episodes of Fuller House yet?!


  1. Omg those are the cutest compression socks ever!!!

  2. I've seen those compression socks and love them! I don't run in compression socks but I'd totally rock them out on recovery days and after runs, or in the grocery store (yeah, I've been known to wear my compression socks with my khaki shorts and hoodies inside the grocery store). Watching Fuller House seems like a good way for you to recover from PHX too, so go for it.

    Good luck with the marathon and have a great race! Can't wait to read about it in a few days.