Monday, February 22, 2016

Phoenix Marathon: Goals

I feel like I was just writing that the Phoenix Marathon was 30 days away. And now, unbelievably, we're jsut five days from toeing the line and beginning another 26.2 mile journey through Mesa.

I've trained, kind of. My longest run has only been 16 miles (though that's true for the two other marathons I've run). However, I am very comfortably at a point where running 13.1 is more than easy and I like to say I can do it in my sleep - that is to say that I can bust out a half marathon pretty much any weekend I please (and let's be real, I do). Running another 13.1 right after that might be a different story, however, and I guess we'll see come Saturday.

I am nervous. I am feeling under-prepared, though I know my fitness is good enough to get me to the finish line. Will it be my best? Who knows. The weather is already predicted as hot, so I'm gearing myself up for that and re-visiting things that happend at LA last year and how I adjusted so that I might plan accordingly.

Tina will be running the half (and hopefully achieving her sub-2:30 goal!), and we'll have Doug and hopefully Jon and the cutest twins ever waiting for us at the finish line. The ProCompression crew and We Run Social crew have a strong representation, so I know those folks will help me get out of my head come race morning and just have a freaking good time.

But all that being taken into consideration, I have some goals for the race. I've said to myself for awhile that - at the worst - I use this race as a temperature check for the OC full come May 1. Either I just need to get in some of those good, long runs, or I am doing okay and just need to maintain my fitness. I can already tell you that I am going to be certain that after some marathon recovery time next week, I am going to very intentionally get back into my strength training game, continue with recovery yoga, and be much more mindful about what I am consuming (hello, wedding dress shopping is coming, too!).

But for now, I have Mesa to conquer. Let's do this.

There's a good hill at mile 5, but this course is fast otherwise. I just need to run smart and not burn myself out, especially given the anticipated heat. 

Goals? You betcha. Take a look. 

A) A Time
I've said this out loud to two people. I have a goal time on the year - and currently, I have 4 opportunities to achieve said time, two of which are steady downhill races (to bookend the year, no less). I am anxious to share, again fighting off the disappointment of not achieving a goal you've put out there so much. So hopefully I can come back Saturday at lunch and tell you some really badass news. We'll just see if it happens here or not. 

B) Just a PR. 
The current PR is from LA last year and still stands at 4:52. That was in a head index of nearly 100 and up until mile 16, I was on track for a near-4:30 performance. I am (fairly) confident I can put something like that into play.

C) Run a strong race.
A PR doesn't always mean it was a strong race. I know how to run a half comfortably, and I am wanting to see if I can make a marathon a comfortable race (future forecast: probs not. It shouldn't be comfortable, should it?) I want to run smart and consistent, knowing that this can just be a gauge for how I am doing heading into OC. 

That's it. Vague, for a reason. I hope with all my heart I can report back to you with some really freaking awesome news and an even great charge and motivation to kick ass as I make my way through OC training in a few weeks! 

See you in Phoenix?


  1. Good luck with your race! That course map looks awesome- net downhill for the win! I have read that it is a fast course from others. Hopefully you will have a good day and it won't be too hot there!

    1. Thank you! And yes, net downhill for the TOTAL win! Thanks for your positive vibes! :)

  2. Good luck with your race on Saturday! Hoping you get that A goal!

  3. Good luck out there! Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!