Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Recap

Total run mileage: 126.47. New highest monthly mileage EVER! Booyah! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 45.47. That was an awesome week.  
# Runs: 21.  
# Rest days: 9. Fully intentional - I'm feeling outstanding, and even took two rest days last week that were unplanned. Rockin' and feelin' good.
# Cross-training workouts: 6. Yoga five times (four at Fleet Feet and once in my living room) and one decent day of core + strength work. Pleased. 

# Races: 
     - Dairy Aire 5K
     - St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon (2:15 pacer)
     - Hot Chocolate San Diego 15K (9:30" pacer)

Favorite run: Amazingly enough, I'm going to say my 16 miler with Monica last Sunday. We headed out before the sun was even up, were greeted by some nasty humidity but a gorgeous sunrise and tons of bunnies everywhere (how perfect for Easter bunny morning!). ROCKED our 16 miles at a 9:51 pace overall and we felt amazing - even come Monday when we both said, "I don't feel like I ran 16 yesterday!" Fantastic long run to get me psyched for Ragnar and another 20-miler in a few weeks! 

Hardest Run: Hot Chocolate was a toughie - that course is certainly no joke, with 80% of the 9 miles on uphills, it'll certainly test ya. But also one of my favorites, as so many folks were telling me that I was keeping them on their goal pace and that I was a "GREAT pacer!" and I just loved being out there. If you're going to run this one in the future, be prepared for that hill work! The good news is that the last 1.5 flatten out and have one reallllly good downhill to push you along into the finisher chute.
2016 Beast Pacing Hot Chocolate San Diego 15K team!
Current need: To get over this "flu-like" whatever that's been plaguing me. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) with a migraine about 1 am, didn't go to work because of a significant lack of sleep and that eventually turned into feeling chills, body aches, and other issues. After Doug got home from football practice, we went to urgent care... sooo... you can see where that leads. Hoping I can shake it off enough for a decent enough run at Surf City on Sunday. :( 

Current favorite: Abundant Heart, because this: "Abundant Heart: the belief that fitness should be FUN; combining inspiring mantras with lively colors to make any workout, event or everyday experience more abundant." Perfection, right?! AH is my n
ewest favorite tank company (they do sweatshirts and stuff too) thanks to Shelby. I wore AH tanks for both Surf City and Phoenix, and they are some of the softest, most comfy, cute and hilarious tanks ever. Both mine are burnout tanks, and you can be I am eye-balling this one, too: 
{Abundant Heart}
Current goal: Finish the last four weeks of OC Marathon training strong and on point. Getting in my yoga, stretching, foam rolling and making my runs count. I'm honestly just looking forward to beasting that race and showing myself what I am really capable of! 

Month Goals: Post-Phoenix recovery was awesome, but by the time Dairy Aire rolled around (re: my first run in a week, very intentionally) I was itching to run... which also told me I was ready and that I did recovery right! I feel like I really kicked some major ass and made some mega-progress this month and am excited to jump into April with Ragnar and my last month of OC training! 

Goals for March:

- 110 miles - Done! 
- Incorporate strength training at least 1-2 times per week - I did it once. All month. 
- Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week) - Achieved one week! But never missed a sesson! 

Goals for April:
- 125 miles
Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week)
Intentional stretching/foam rolling as miles increase these next few weeks heading into race day

March was awesome. I'm on such a high right now and that's mostly thanks to the last week or so, where I feel like I've just nailed my runs, nailed my workouts and am doing it all right. With many thanks to Jacky and My Fitness Pal, I am at least paying attention to what I eat and take in each day (even with just estimates) and that in just two and a half weeks of tracking my food, I lost 2 pounds. That's far more than I've done in a while, and I am looking forward to dropping some more weight before OC (goal: another 6 pounds). I think I can hit that goal in 4.5 weeks, so ready to make it happen! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Ragnar Packing List

Running a Ragnar relay is unlike any other race experience you've ever had. While your team has a start time, the time you actually start running might be one, five, eight hours later, so you're kind of all-day prepping for a race start. You could run at 8 am and 3 the same afternoon and then again at midnight, so how do you fuel up? When do you sleep (spoiler: not much, if at all). 

There are enough logistics to throw a race-day-prepper for a total loop, so how on earth do you keep yourself straight when you're out of whack with your normal race morning prep? My best advice: make sure you've got it all - everything you'll definitely need, everything you think you'll need, and everything that you've never thought about needing because at some point, it will come in handy. Trust me. 

I created this Ragnar packing list for you to help keep yourself straight for 20-something hours of fun. Link leads to downloadable PDF - share away, I just ask that you keep my handle and info on the page if you share/re-post the images! 

Downloadable here

That's about it. I'll also add to the Van Supplies a food list for your team. Consider community snackage over everyone bringing their own thing (and therefore more coolers). Team essentials will vary team to team, but I've always found myself with tons of leftover snackage for drives/flights home, which is never a bad thing in my book. Better to have too much food that to wake up starving in a van driving through Maryland countryside at 2 am with nothing open, right? 

Good luck on your Ragnar adventure!  

Monday, March 28, 2016

It's Ragnar Week!

Ragnar So Cal 2016

It's Ragnar week! I'm pretty much giddy - while the team has been coming together for a few months, it's like it's finally time to get my ish together and get ready for another ridiculous running adventure 
through Southern California. This is my fifth Ragnar, but only second time running So Cal:

So Cal (2014)
Napa (2014)
Del Sol (2015) <-- apparently I never got as far as writing a recap! 

I love Ragnar and everything about it basically. Run, eat, sleep?, repeat is pretty much the only way I'd like to spend a weekend! Even though it's my fifth, there are some new quirks to this Ragnar that I'm anticipating, but am stoked about. 

First of all, meet the team! We are mostly from our running club, IERC, who is fielding like 8 teams in So Cal this year, which is huge and awesome. We are team #SWAGNAR Strikes Back, a team reincarnated from a few team members from last year, just with a new theme, and a lot of us that are new to the Swagnar fam. 

  • Jacky, Nikkie, Jack, Kristine and John were part of #Swagnar last year.
  • Jacky, Nikkie and Darrell are also high school friends! 
  • I've gotten to know Nikkie through some races and Darrell through plenty of Mad T excursions at Disneyland. 
  • Carla's boyfriend is Juan.
  • Mayara's husband is Jesse. 
  • Darrell, Marco, Jesse and Juan are all Ragnar first-timers! They are in for an adventure of a lifetime, that's for sure! 
  • Mayara's also our speedy Boston-bound team member - woot! 
We've got a good team ahead and I am way excited for another venture down the coast. As runner 11, I'll be running about 22 miles, which is perfectly in line with where I need and want to be for OC training, so I'm pretty pumped about how that shaped up. 

Bring on the week of packing, laundry, re-packing, more packing, last-minute Amazon orders (yay Prime!), and getting our ish together on Thursday for an early morning start in Huntington Beach! We start at 5:30 am on Friday, and anticipate a mid-afternoon finish on Saturday afternoon.

Follow the team along at #SWAGNARstrikesback  + cheer us along! Be sure to also follow me for all the in-between fun too: @runmeganrun // @__MeganJohnston // Run Megan Run

Who else is running Ragnar So Cal this year? Make sure you leave your team name and runner # so I can track you down! 

Weekly Workout Recap #12

March 20 - 26

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too!

Feel free to save the image & share on your blog & link up too!
This week, I was all amped up for what was gonna be a big week - lots of mileage, and what was supposed to be my 20-miler on Saturday. But a few weeks back, Monica and I committed to getting in 16-18 together and moved it to Sunday. Fine by me! So that skewed the week a little bit, but I'm glad, as this week didn't totally turn out as desired.

We are 5 weeks out from OC and though training is moving along fine, I'm antsy to get my high mileage in and see what I can do in these next weeks. Bring it on, OC. Ready for ya. Or almost.

Sunday | 12 miles
Sunday's Hot Chocolate race was 9.3 grueling hilly miles through San Diego. As often as I've run those hills, they never get any easier but it's all good because I still paced myself to a PR - so that's a win too!

We took our time coming back on Sunday, finally getting home about 6, met up with Doug and Darrell, and then made our way to Disneyland for some Mad T party fun to end the weekend. Because duh.

Monday | 4 miles + strength
By the time I got home from work Monday, my legs were tired. Doug was out in Vegas for the day, so I had nothing better to do than to get to the gym and get some miles in (mental note: I should have gone for some outside mileage). But man, my legs felt it! I got in 3 and called it a day. 10 minutes core work and I was spent. Sad note? My shoulders were killing me until Wednesday. Signs I need to actually get on that strength plan I've been saying I'll do. #fail

3 miles, 29:xx, 9:46 pace + 10 minutes strength

Tuesday | 10 miles
10 miles on a Tuesday is still mind-boggling to me. Even though the sun's up later, I'm still finding it hard to wrap my head around getting in double-digit miles on a week day. Either way, I opted to hit Fleet Feet in the evening for some miles, but I was nervous about getting in that many miles by myself. I woke up early on Tuesday for 4 treadmill miles on my own, and then hit Fleet Feet for 4.25 more. My body was real tired come the evening and though I wanted to get to all 10, my head told me otherwise. I sloshed through the last mile especially, so I knew it was okay to call it good there.

Chasing daylight with Fleet Feet.
I made sure to stretch and foam roll when I got home, hoping that would help work out the tightness in my knees and quads and that I could snap back to new on Wednesday.

4 treadmill miles, 38:55, 9:43 pace
4.25 miles, 45ish, sluggish, blah!

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
Based on how I felt on Tuesday, I opted for a running rest day and just went for a little stretching and an hour at yoga at Fleet Feet on Wednesday. Yoga was perfect - as always - and I appreciated getting in such a good stretch heading into the rest of the week.

60 minutes yoga

Thursday | 7 x hill repeats
Thursday I intended to run before work but then the alarm clock won. I left work early for a doctor's appointment and knew that blood work was impending, but took the risk anway. And then it ended up being like 90 degrees and with having blood drawn, I decided to sit Thursday out. Not my ideal, but we took Molly out to the park and still enjoyed the evening, despite not getting my run in.

And then came home and played with my new Garmin! So in love. So excited.

Friday | Rest
I felt really antsy about skipping two days' worth of runs, so headed out for a few quick easy miles on Friday after work - partially to shake out, partially to play with the new Garmin. Duh. 

3.43 miles, 30:16, 8:50 pace

Saturday | 6 miles
Re-arranging my schedule this weekend worked out, especially since we had our Ragnar team meeting to get to. So after most of us did 6 miles with the club (I ran easy to save for Sunday's long run) and then headed to breakfast for some noms & Ragnar fun! Yayyyyyyy.

6.06 miles, 1:01:39, 10:10 pace

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites #15

1. Look Human
I ordered a tank from Look Human forever ago for Ragnar So Cal 2014 and I still live in it. My friend Kasey posted a tank the other day and that got me looking because who doesn't want more tank tops (especially in California for an upcoming summer) and then I fell in love with all the yoga ones. Because yoga is a thing in my life now, so... yanno...
{ fox yoga

2. New Toys!
If you've read any race recaps in the last few months, you know my old Garmin has been less than reliable. The Garmin 110 has served me well, but she's nearly four years old and definitely acting her age! I finally caved (after a lot of debating) and bought myself the absolutely gorgeous frost blue Garmin 235 and I am in love. Now that I also have an operating phone that will let me download apps and not fear for storage room, I'm so freaking stoked about having a watch that will auto-sync and let me see stats, info and progress right away. Mind blown. Oh, and the texts? And social? It can't get any better! Excited to take her out for a run tonight! :)

3. Wedding Planning is Crazy
I can't even say we're planning entirely yet - but solely doing the research is just totally crazy. No wonder it's such an industry. Venues, caterers, photographers, people who do nothing but tablecloths and chair covers. It's crazy! Where do you start?

I'm fairly certainly I talked about this last week but it pretty much just dawned on me that Ragnar So Cal is ONE WEEK from today! Next week is Spring Break for my students, so despite my having to work, we're closed on Thursday for Cesar Chavez Day and obviously, I took Friday off, so hey-o four-day weekend and Ragnar shenanigans. Our team meeting is tomorrow, so I'm super looking forward to meeting everyone (just a few folks) and getting this show on the road! Squee!
Have you seen this gorgeous medal? I love the sailboat! It just came out this morning but it IS. SO. PRETTY. And I'm so excited to add it to my collection in like, two months! 

Are you running #RnRSD? You should be! Use code RUNMEGANRUN for $15 off and register today! Both the half and full marathons are running new courses this year, so I'm excited to check them out and see some new sights in San Diego. Join me on June 5, yes?

That's 'bout it, friends! Happy Friday!

What are you loving this Friday?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Let's Talk About the C-Word

I’ve been thinking about my grandfather a lot lately. Maybe it’s because there’s some wedding planning on the brain, but I’m thinking so much about how I wish he would be here and then realizing how many amazing people won’t be here to celebrate with us.

Cancer is ugly. It’s unforgivable. It’s destructive. It’s unreal, watching someone’s life being taken away right in front of you. Cancer can affect anyone and the scariest part is that while there are risk factors all over the place, it can happen. To anyone. White women are most likely to develop breast cancer, while liver cancer rates continue to increase… there are so many factors involved, and it’s terrifying to see that we can only make so much progress at a time. Find a cure, someone, please.

FUCK CANCER is one of my favorite organizations - one that encourages and promotes early detection (get your screenings done, y'all), to help decrease the statistics surround late on-set diagnoses all over the country. My favorite part? "We are sorry if you are offended or have a problem with the word FxCK! We are offended and have a problem with the word CANCER!" FC is an organization native to Southern California, so they're physically and emotionally close to home. 

I read an article the other day about the benefits of running and physical activity, and how even just 30 minutes a day of regular activity can greatly impact even the risk of a variety of cancers – breast, lung, colorectal. Think about that – 30 minutes a day (even just a walk around the block with the dog!) is tied and proven to make such a difference in the obvious ways (weight loss, stress management, and so on) but that it can even help lower the risk of cancer. What a thought. 
In late 2002, the Journal of Nutrition published a review of 170 epdemiological studies on the relationship between physical activity and cancer. There's some amazing statistics that continue to emerge out of studies like this one, but here's some of what they found. Colon cancer: 43 of 51 studies produced positive results (more exercise was associated with fewer cancers), with an average risk reduction of 40 to 70 percent. Breast cancer: 32 of 44 studies produced positive results, with an average risk reduction of 30 to 40 percent. Prostate cancer: 15 of 30 studies produced positive results, with an average risk reduction of 10 to 30 percent, particulary of the most aggressive forms. Endometrial cancer: 9 of 13 studies produced positive results, with an average risk reduction of 30 to 40 percent. Lung cancer: 8 of 11 studies showed positive results, with an average risk reduction of 30 to 40 percent. (Information found here, Runners World, 2015). 
I don’t smoke, and while I drink, it’s not often and not heavily. I don't use a tanning bed (save for when I'm in a wedding, and then it's like three trips just to get a little color), but I could be a lot better about using sunblock while I'm out on a run.

But that’s also got me thinking, then, about things I can do to ensure I am lowering my risks in any way possible, and not just in my fitness. My food choices, my family history, my alcohol consumption, not using that sunblock as often as  I should – am I increasing my risks in any way? Or can I at least maintain my healthy habits to keep my risk at as much a minimum as I can? So sure, there are things I could do more of, or do better, but am I making conscious decisions every day?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Race Recap: Hot Chocolate 15K San Diego

San Diego, CA | March 20
Another adventure with Beast Pacing!

This race has been on my calendar for MONTHS and I was soo stoked it was finally here! After getting in some miles at the club on Saturday (after like, ten weeks of being away), I headed home to get showered, finished packing, saying goodbye to Doug and the pup, and then headed back down to Jacky's house. Advantages to knowing tons of people doing this race? Carpool and hotel buddies! I was crashing with Jacky and her mom, so that was a definite advantage, compared to having to drive down the morning of the race like last weekend. After a mad dash to the expo (traffic sucked so we made it at 4:30 for a 5 pm closing time) and dinner with a dozen IERC runners, we made it to our hotel, got set for the morning and promptly passed out (me, at least). 

The Beast team met up at 6:20 for a race start of 7:45. There are tons of us that paced this race, as Hot Chocolate sets it up as such: preferred corrals (7:00' pace to 11:30' pace) and open corrals (9:00' to 15:00' paces). There's all kinds of qualifications for preferred times and all here. I was pacing the 9:30 group in the preferred corrals. (I was supposed to be the 10:00 pacer but moved up about a week and a half ago, so as long as I had a good day and met my pace, I guaranteed myself a PR!)

One thing I'd heard about regularly from folks who've done this race before were the hills throughout the race, to which I always thought, Well, duh, it's San Diego! San Diego is HILLY! 

The course runs through Balboa Park (re: uphill) the first 5K, then flattens out into some slight rolling hills. After winding down through Balboa Park again, there's a nasty little corkscrew up hill run at mile 7 but once you're at the top, it's a flat run and then will make its way mostly downhill for the remainder. With the start and finish near Petco Park, there's tons of room for the post-race party and fun that Hot Chocolate races involve... because duh, chocolate. 

5K: 29:24, 9:28 pace
10K: 58:46, 9:28 pace 
Finish: 1:28:27, 9:30 pace

Can you ask for anything more perfect? I've never nailed my paces that much and had such a great day doing it! Some of those hills made me work but overall the course gave me a great workout. I had a blast cheering on runners and got sooo many thank you's, which just totally made my day. Love getting to help people PR and make their goals, but there's nothing like other people thanking you for what you're doing. I just love to run - helping people out is just an added bonus! 

Mission accomplished! AND - this is just icing the cake - I paced myself to a 6-minute 15K PR! I recognize that 15Ks are rare (this is my fourth ever), but I'm pretty stoked! 

Did you tackle the hills yesterday? If not chocolate, what do you run for?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #11

March 13 - 19

Join the link up each week and join in the fun! I'm hoping to hold myself more accountable to my training plan and I know that putting it out there each week is going to help me do that! Join in, link your recap and connect with other friends to hold us all accountable too!

After a really freaking stellar week last week, this week started out rougher than I'd hoped. I'm blaming Daylight Savings Time, but the real culprit is me. Let's face it - between work and running around and life and getting some wedding-related-ish going, there's a lot happening in life! My busy season at work is just about gearing up and that's when I'm really good for nothing most days of the week, so that'll be a fun challenge. Not.

Sunday | 8 miles
Jacky and I beat the DST blues and got up to the trails early on Sunday morning with our puppies in tow. It was a perfectly cool morning and the loop trail we go to was packed. Apparently everyone else missed that it was DST day too? Or they were totally unphased? Either way, an awesome 5.5 miles around the trails - I've seriously missed them so much!

My favorite trail buddy. Minus the puppies.
After high-tailing it back from Claremont, I rushed through bathing the dog (because she rolled in mud. And poop. And stunk the whole way back down the mountain), getting myself cleaned up and went wedding dress shopping! More on that soon - but had a great day out with my mom, aunt and grandma and found some amazing dresses that I'd buy (all of them!) right now if I could. Le sigh.

Sunday afternoon was also our St. Patrick's edition of our local Beer Mile. This is mile #3 for me and I'm pretty stoked to say not only did I PR and ran my first sub-13 beer mile, but also took second for the women on the podium. Progress, right?

Post-mile celebrations.
Monday | 4 miles + strength
Monday evening, I spent over an hour between two CVS pharmacies and by the time I got home, the run I'd planned very quickly went out the window. I had a little twinge in my knee that also was leaving me a little unsettled and since I didn't want to push it, I opted for a day off. Doug and I ended up running a few errands and grabbing dinner out - which was much needed anyway! Mentally a loss, but a win in my book anyway.

Tuesday | 6 miles

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
It was such a beautiful day out on Wednesday, and Doug didn't have baseball practice, so we were actually home at the same time (re: this never happens), so I changed into running stuff, and we took Molly up to the dog park, and then I ran home from there. Not 5 miles, but a speedy 3 downhill (8:30 average page) and then changed again and made my way to yoga. That's how you bounce back mid-week, right?!

3 miles, 25:56, 8:30 pace
Yoga, 60 minutes

Thursday | 7 x 800
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Up 'n at 'em for some early miles on the treadmill. It's such a weird feeling that it stays so dark out until well after my treadmill work is done, whereas just a few weeks ago, I was watching the sun rise through the gym window. Ah well.

I felt really good but having not done some true speedwork in a while, I didn't want to push too crazy hard on this workout. I actually upped it to 8 x 800 (because I felt that good!): 1/2 mile warm up, 2 x 800 (9:13 pace), 2 x 800 (8:49 pace), 2 x 800 (8:41 pace), 2 x 800 (8:34 pace) and a 1/2 mile cool down. Naturally, in the best themed socks ever.

5 miles, 45:37, 9:07 pace (including warm up + cool down)

Friday | Rest
On Friday I really wanted to make up miles missed earlier in the week, but by the time my alarm went off, I had figured that making up miles wouldn't do me any good going into the weekend. Soooo I let myself take it easy in the morning and though I entertained the idea of a few easy miles after work, I'm glad I didn't!

Saturday | 6 miles (MRP)
Saturday marked my return to my run club after 10 (TEN!) weeks away - it was awesome to be back. While the club was headed out for 9 aerobic miles, I had only 6 on the calendar to save it up for pacing the Hot Chocolate 15K, so I turned around and finished out with an even 6. A gorgeous morning overall and a beautiful run!

Later yesterday afternoon, I headed down to San Diego with Jacky and her mom for this morning's Hot Chocolate race! More on that tomorrrow, but it's always nice to run for chocolate!

6 miles, 58:54, 9:48 pace

I'm happy with how the latter half of the week went, though I struggled early on. Next week is going to be tough with nearly 50 miles scheduled, so I know my mental toughness is going to be seriously tested come Monday morning! Marathon PRs are made during training, right? It's time to get tough and get to work... hopefully next Sunday I'll report with a freaking stellar week completed!

How was your week? Make sure you link up below!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites #14

 Aaaaah, Friday. This week has gone by fast - but as always, not fast enough - but I am definitely looking forward to some fun this weekend!

1. Sparkly Soul
Y'all know I pretty much have a Sparkly Soul obsession anyway. I mean, I've got probably 40 headbands hanging out under the bathroom sink and it's always fun for a race deciding which of the four shades of purple I have matches my tank best. But NOW, they've outdone themselves...

Heck freaking yes! You know I'm gonna be grabbing one of these for myself and maybe even some of my to-be-determined bridesmaids because ZOMG, love. You can find these ones here!

2. Ragnar So Cal
Ragnar is just TWO WEEKS away - how is this possible? After running So Cal in 2014, and the hot mess that it was, I swore I wouldn't do So Cal again until I'd run enough of the destinations (and I've hit Napa and Phoenix since, so that's cool) - but some of my favorite people from my run club are forming team #SWAGNARstrikesback, so who was I to say no?

I've got 22 miles over our two days between Huntington Beach and San Diego, which is perfect for a solid long week of training for OC. Solid. Bring it on, Ragnar! 

3. Hot Chocolate San Diego
Tomorrow afternoon, I'm heading down to San Diego with Jacky and her mom and a boatload of IERC friends for the Hot Chocolate 15K. I haven't run a HC race since the inaugural Atlanta race in 2013, so I am way excited to tackle the hills through downtown San Diego and Balboa Park to earn some chocolate deliciousness!


I'll be pacing the 9:30 group out of the preferred corrals (as opposed to the open corrals), and am pretty pumped! The 15K now offers medals, which I'm also pretty pumped about! Hot Chocolate races offer a medal to the 15K finishers, and chocolate fondue and jackets to all participants - the swag is pretty hard to beat. 
4. Repeat Roses
I won't lie, I spend a good bit of time on Pinterest every day oggling over flowers and colors and oohing and aaahing over some pretty spectacular and gorgeous arrangements. I don't know about you, but I've always wondered how people spend hundreds on flowers that are used for a few hours... and then what?

Like all things meant to be, this popped up on my Facebook twice this week and I think it's just too fantastic not to share. What an amazing idea. 

Repeat Roses is based in New York, but you can bet yourself I'll find a way to pass flowers on, too. I just love this!

5. 500!
Happy 500th post to me! I can't believe this little blog is still going after three and a half years and I'm so grateful to all of you that read (or pretend to read) it! Amazing how it's gone from life in Georgia (first post ever!) to furniture refurbishing to running and all things inbetween! Crazy. 

What are you loving this fantastic Friday?