Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #11

March 13 - 19

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After a really freaking stellar week last week, this week started out rougher than I'd hoped. I'm blaming Daylight Savings Time, but the real culprit is me. Let's face it - between work and running around and life and getting some wedding-related-ish going, there's a lot happening in life! My busy season at work is just about gearing up and that's when I'm really good for nothing most days of the week, so that'll be a fun challenge. Not.

Sunday | 8 miles
Jacky and I beat the DST blues and got up to the trails early on Sunday morning with our puppies in tow. It was a perfectly cool morning and the loop trail we go to was packed. Apparently everyone else missed that it was DST day too? Or they were totally unphased? Either way, an awesome 5.5 miles around the trails - I've seriously missed them so much!

My favorite trail buddy. Minus the puppies.
After high-tailing it back from Claremont, I rushed through bathing the dog (because she rolled in mud. And poop. And stunk the whole way back down the mountain), getting myself cleaned up and went wedding dress shopping! More on that soon - but had a great day out with my mom, aunt and grandma and found some amazing dresses that I'd buy (all of them!) right now if I could. Le sigh.

Sunday afternoon was also our St. Patrick's edition of our local Beer Mile. This is mile #3 for me and I'm pretty stoked to say not only did I PR and ran my first sub-13 beer mile, but also took second for the women on the podium. Progress, right?

Post-mile celebrations.
Monday | 4 miles + strength
Monday evening, I spent over an hour between two CVS pharmacies and by the time I got home, the run I'd planned very quickly went out the window. I had a little twinge in my knee that also was leaving me a little unsettled and since I didn't want to push it, I opted for a day off. Doug and I ended up running a few errands and grabbing dinner out - which was much needed anyway! Mentally a loss, but a win in my book anyway.

Tuesday | 6 miles

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
It was such a beautiful day out on Wednesday, and Doug didn't have baseball practice, so we were actually home at the same time (re: this never happens), so I changed into running stuff, and we took Molly up to the dog park, and then I ran home from there. Not 5 miles, but a speedy 3 downhill (8:30 average page) and then changed again and made my way to yoga. That's how you bounce back mid-week, right?!

3 miles, 25:56, 8:30 pace
Yoga, 60 minutes

Thursday | 7 x 800
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Up 'n at 'em for some early miles on the treadmill. It's such a weird feeling that it stays so dark out until well after my treadmill work is done, whereas just a few weeks ago, I was watching the sun rise through the gym window. Ah well.

I felt really good but having not done some true speedwork in a while, I didn't want to push too crazy hard on this workout. I actually upped it to 8 x 800 (because I felt that good!): 1/2 mile warm up, 2 x 800 (9:13 pace), 2 x 800 (8:49 pace), 2 x 800 (8:41 pace), 2 x 800 (8:34 pace) and a 1/2 mile cool down. Naturally, in the best themed socks ever.

5 miles, 45:37, 9:07 pace (including warm up + cool down)

Friday | Rest
On Friday I really wanted to make up miles missed earlier in the week, but by the time my alarm went off, I had figured that making up miles wouldn't do me any good going into the weekend. Soooo I let myself take it easy in the morning and though I entertained the idea of a few easy miles after work, I'm glad I didn't!

Saturday | 6 miles (MRP)
Saturday marked my return to my run club after 10 (TEN!) weeks away - it was awesome to be back. While the club was headed out for 9 aerobic miles, I had only 6 on the calendar to save it up for pacing the Hot Chocolate 15K, so I turned around and finished out with an even 6. A gorgeous morning overall and a beautiful run!

Later yesterday afternoon, I headed down to San Diego with Jacky and her mom for this morning's Hot Chocolate race! More on that tomorrrow, but it's always nice to run for chocolate!

6 miles, 58:54, 9:48 pace

I'm happy with how the latter half of the week went, though I struggled early on. Next week is going to be tough with nearly 50 miles scheduled, so I know my mental toughness is going to be seriously tested come Monday morning! Marathon PRs are made during training, right? It's time to get tough and get to work... hopefully next Sunday I'll report with a freaking stellar week completed!

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  1. Sounds like a busy and fun week. I wish the trails were open around here, but it's still to early. Besides they be to muddy to hike on anyway.

    1. A fun week for sure! Our trails are working their way towards being open, but still with some restricted times, which makes it hard. Hoping to get to them at least once a week soon! I love the trails to shake up all my road/treadmill time!

  2. Explain everything about a beer mile please. Thank you!

    1. Haha, they're amazing. And ridiculous. So you chug a beer (12 oz, usually), run a lap on the track. Chug, run, chug, run, chug, run, until you've chugged 4 and run your 4 laps (mile)! Total shenanigans. And total good times. :)