Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #10

March 6 - March 12

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After recovery week last week, I was ready to get up and going this week and excited about jumping into OC training. You know you ran smart when you are just itching to get up and run again, so the Dairy Aire last Saturday was particularly exciting!

Sunday | Coaster Run 5K
... so exciting that we decided to skip this run. Doug's knee has been giving him a hell of a time and so he walked Dairy Aire, very begrudgingly. It was also pouring when our alarm went off at 4:50 on Sunday morning, at which point we decided we'd much rather sleep in, and enjoy a rainy morning indoors. Apparently it stopped raining when the race started, but I very happily stand by such a decision, given that the rest of the day was busy too! I think that's my first DNS ever!

I got to meet these awesome folks for a meet up over all the drinks at the Yard House and a windy photo shoot down in Long Beach! So much fun, despite being almost blown over into the harbor.

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Monday | 4 miles + strength
I hit snooze once but Doug made sure I got up with a, "Are you getting up or not?" after the first snooze. I was up. 4 miles in the books to start a Monday morning. Just to get my legs moving, the first two at a 9:40 pace, half mile at 9:31 pace, mile at 9:22 and the last half mile at a 9:09 pace. Success. However, I ran out of time (dang snooze) and cut out the strength portion of Monday. Fail.

4 miles, 38:05, 9:31 pace 

Tuesday | 10 miles
10 miles during the week is hard. Monday night, my plan was to run to Fleet Feet, run the group run at FF, and then convince someone to give me a ride home. But I texted Sandy first thing on Tuesday and she said she'd run all 10 with me! Yippee!

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
5 miles before yoga after work and a boatload of core work at yoga made for an amazing Wednesday evening! Running at night (even into the sunset) just gets my adrenaline going - because I'm scared of running at night but it definitely fuels a little fire in me to get moving quickly!

Thursday | 45 minutes tempo
I just couldn't make this happen. Thursday was way too long of a day and I opted to skip it, crash with a glass of wine on the couch and happily call it a rest day.

Friday | Rest
So I made up for it on Friday! Up 'n at 'em first thing Friday morning for a few treadmill miles to get in my 45 minutes of tempo time. Definitely not truly my tempo pace (9:22 average), but I guess for my marathon pace, that is tempo. It's hard to remember how much our paces change given the distanece we are training for and what is considered tempo or not - 9:22 is an average half marathon day for me, but certainly tempo for a 10:15 marathon pace. Go figure!

Saturday | 15 miles
Saturday's 15 would be easy, only because I wa already on tap to pace the St. Patrick's Day Half down in El Cajon (east county San Diego). Waking up at 3:30 was not ideal, but I had some carpool buddies at least and made it work. I paced the 2:15 group (perfect marathon pace!) to a 2:14:13 finish for me, and then ran super easy 2 miles afterward, going back and forth pacing last people in! Super fun and an awesome day, awesome race. Recap tomorrow!

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  1. Great job on a solid training week! That 3:30 wake up call sounds brutal! I'll have to do earlier than that for the San Francisco Marathon but I'm hoping that I'll have East Coast time on my side!