Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites #13: Spring Races + Discount Love!

Southern California is pretty awesome in that we don't really have a downtime in our racing season. Sorry friends back east, but we can pretty much race 12 months a year and have pretty fabulous weather for like 85% of it. #SorryNotSorry Spring is by far my favorite though, as it is usually warm but not blazing hot yet, glorious sunrises and sunsets, and some fantastic cities and areas bring out the best in their races on weekends.

I've got a pretty fun and full spring calendar and am stoked about all that's coming up ahead. Check it out and let me know where I'll be seeing you this spring!

March 12 | El Cajon, CA

I'll be pacing Team 2:15 for this one with Beast Pacing. Excited for a new race, and a themed one at that! And ready to rock my new SOMs from Pro Compression because... duh. 

March 20 | San Diego, CA

I haven't run a Hot Chocolate race since in the inaugural Atlanta race in 2013 (before their medals were a thing), so needless to say I am way stoked about this! I'll be pacing for Beast and pacing the 9:30-minute mile group, which also guarantees myself a 15K PR. Score! Chocolate and a chocolate bar medal - count me in!

April 1 - 2 | Huntington Beach to San Diego, CA

After doing Ragnar So Cal in 2014, I said I wanted to do other locations before repeating. However, naturally that all changes when some of your favorite running club people form a team and you say yes before you even realize what you're doing. So I'm back for So Cal round 2, with team #SWAGNARstrikesback. Ready for it and using it as an awesome lots-of-mileage (22) weekend for OC training. Double win.

And then I am race-less until May 1...

May 1 | Costa Mesa, CA

Yep, in for full marathon #2 for the year and am PUMPED. I've only done this half once (last year as a pacer) and am excited to jump to the full this year. Ready to do work and get to it. If you want to run with me, make sure you register and list me (Megan Johnston) as your ambassdor referral! <3

June 5 | San Diego, CA

Everyone knows the #notmyshoes saga, so I am looking forward to tackling this race again in my own shoes! They've also just announced a new course for the half (and surely the full coming soon), so I am eager to check it out and finish in a new area (though I liked the Petco Park area finish, so that's a bummer). 


June 18 | Seattle, WA

I would love to add another new state to my 50 States list, and am desperately eye-balling Seattle for a super quick getaway weekend with Team #RockNBlog. 

If you want to join me for any of the Rock 'n Roll races, jump on it and save some cash in the process! For more discounts and fun, you can also head over here and see what else I've got for you! 

Busy spring. Awesome spring. Let me know where I'll being seeing you!


  1. Hot Chocolate, Ragnar (yay team #SwagnarStrikesBack!!!), and OC! Yay!

    1. Woot woot Ragnar! And all the races! :)