Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OC Marathon Training

It’s OC Marathon training time! This week begins week 1 and while I realized that’s a shortened time frame (8 weeks from this past Sunday), I am not starting from Point A and am really thinking of Phoenix as having been a good training run. 

Please consult a health professional before you begin a marathon training plan or new health regiment. I am not a doctor, wrote this plan for myself with some other professional plans mixed in, but I know this is what works for me

Photo opens link to downloadable plan.

This training cycle, I am focused on getting more longer distance runs in - that is, anything over a half marathon. At this point in my running career, I can run a half very comfortably and know that my pressure point is above 16. I want to ensure that coming OC race day, I am more than ready for an entire 26.2.

I am also more focused on my weekly yoga and adding strength. While one day a week is not a whole lot of strength/weight training, it is one more day a week than I usually do. Realistic steps to start with, right? *nods* Habits can start, even if it is only one day a week.

While I have one day a week of yoga scheduled at my local Fleet Feet, I am also hoping that at least one more time a week I can do some at-home practice, if not just to stretch out but also continue building a core. Yoga has done wonders for me already, just eight weeks in, so I look forward to continuing that journey as well.

The big part for me is also a little weight loss. While I know this body can easily take me 26.2 miles, I also know that I can do myself a world a favor and drop a few extra pounds. Ten pounds is the goal between now and May 1, so we will see what my body is up for. I don't eat well, but I am going in with the goal of just paying a little more attention to what I am putting in my mouth at each meal. Time will only tell. 

My first two marathons were two years apart - Surf City in 2013 and LA in 2015, and here I am now with four fulls on the calendar in just this year. I think I am a little bit crazy but I am also way freaking excited about the challenge, the progress, and the desire to just keep getting better

Here we go, OC!

What is the greatest number of full marathons you have run in a year?


  1. Looks like you have a great plan for OC! If you need company for those 10 Milers on Tuesday let me know and I will run them with you.

    1. I will totally take your company ANY day! It beats running by myself! :)