Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #12

March 20 - 26

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This week, I was all amped up for what was gonna be a big week - lots of mileage, and what was supposed to be my 20-miler on Saturday. But a few weeks back, Monica and I committed to getting in 16-18 together and moved it to Sunday. Fine by me! So that skewed the week a little bit, but I'm glad, as this week didn't totally turn out as desired.

We are 5 weeks out from OC and though training is moving along fine, I'm antsy to get my high mileage in and see what I can do in these next weeks. Bring it on, OC. Ready for ya. Or almost.

Sunday | 12 miles
Sunday's Hot Chocolate race was 9.3 grueling hilly miles through San Diego. As often as I've run those hills, they never get any easier but it's all good because I still paced myself to a PR - so that's a win too!

We took our time coming back on Sunday, finally getting home about 6, met up with Doug and Darrell, and then made our way to Disneyland for some Mad T party fun to end the weekend. Because duh.

Monday | 4 miles + strength
By the time I got home from work Monday, my legs were tired. Doug was out in Vegas for the day, so I had nothing better to do than to get to the gym and get some miles in (mental note: I should have gone for some outside mileage). But man, my legs felt it! I got in 3 and called it a day. 10 minutes core work and I was spent. Sad note? My shoulders were killing me until Wednesday. Signs I need to actually get on that strength plan I've been saying I'll do. #fail

3 miles, 29:xx, 9:46 pace + 10 minutes strength

Tuesday | 10 miles
10 miles on a Tuesday is still mind-boggling to me. Even though the sun's up later, I'm still finding it hard to wrap my head around getting in double-digit miles on a week day. Either way, I opted to hit Fleet Feet in the evening for some miles, but I was nervous about getting in that many miles by myself. I woke up early on Tuesday for 4 treadmill miles on my own, and then hit Fleet Feet for 4.25 more. My body was real tired come the evening and though I wanted to get to all 10, my head told me otherwise. I sloshed through the last mile especially, so I knew it was okay to call it good there.

Chasing daylight with Fleet Feet.
I made sure to stretch and foam roll when I got home, hoping that would help work out the tightness in my knees and quads and that I could snap back to new on Wednesday.

4 treadmill miles, 38:55, 9:43 pace
4.25 miles, 45ish, sluggish, blah!

Wednesday | 5 miles + yoga
Based on how I felt on Tuesday, I opted for a running rest day and just went for a little stretching and an hour at yoga at Fleet Feet on Wednesday. Yoga was perfect - as always - and I appreciated getting in such a good stretch heading into the rest of the week.

60 minutes yoga

Thursday | 7 x hill repeats
Thursday I intended to run before work but then the alarm clock won. I left work early for a doctor's appointment and knew that blood work was impending, but took the risk anway. And then it ended up being like 90 degrees and with having blood drawn, I decided to sit Thursday out. Not my ideal, but we took Molly out to the park and still enjoyed the evening, despite not getting my run in.

And then came home and played with my new Garmin! So in love. So excited.

Friday | Rest
I felt really antsy about skipping two days' worth of runs, so headed out for a few quick easy miles on Friday after work - partially to shake out, partially to play with the new Garmin. Duh. 

3.43 miles, 30:16, 8:50 pace

Saturday | 6 miles
Re-arranging my schedule this weekend worked out, especially since we had our Ragnar team meeting to get to. So after most of us did 6 miles with the club (I ran easy to save for Sunday's long run) and then headed to breakfast for some noms & Ragnar fun! Yayyyyyyy.

6.06 miles, 1:01:39, 10:10 pace

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  1. You are killing training! So impressed! And congrats on your HC PR! Woot woot!

    1. Gah! This past week didn't feel like it, but it's also left me pretty charged up and ready to make this last month AWESOME. :) Thanks Smitha! I hope I see you this weekend! xoxo

  2. I've totally let this linkup slide to the bottom of the list this month! I have been writing my blog recaps, but not linking. Recently moving has really thrown me off, but hopefully I'm back now! I really want to try the Hot Chocolate race but none are close to me and would require a trip. So I guess I might just have to look into that! :)