Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Recap

Total run mileage: 126.47. New highest monthly mileage EVER! Booyah! 
Highest weekly run mileage: 45.47. That was an awesome week.  
# Runs: 21.  
# Rest days: 9. Fully intentional - I'm feeling outstanding, and even took two rest days last week that were unplanned. Rockin' and feelin' good.
# Cross-training workouts: 6. Yoga five times (four at Fleet Feet and once in my living room) and one decent day of core + strength work. Pleased. 

# Races: 
     - Dairy Aire 5K
     - St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon (2:15 pacer)
     - Hot Chocolate San Diego 15K (9:30" pacer)

Favorite run: Amazingly enough, I'm going to say my 16 miler with Monica last Sunday. We headed out before the sun was even up, were greeted by some nasty humidity but a gorgeous sunrise and tons of bunnies everywhere (how perfect for Easter bunny morning!). ROCKED our 16 miles at a 9:51 pace overall and we felt amazing - even come Monday when we both said, "I don't feel like I ran 16 yesterday!" Fantastic long run to get me psyched for Ragnar and another 20-miler in a few weeks! 

Hardest Run: Hot Chocolate was a toughie - that course is certainly no joke, with 80% of the 9 miles on uphills, it'll certainly test ya. But also one of my favorites, as so many folks were telling me that I was keeping them on their goal pace and that I was a "GREAT pacer!" and I just loved being out there. If you're going to run this one in the future, be prepared for that hill work! The good news is that the last 1.5 flatten out and have one reallllly good downhill to push you along into the finisher chute.
2016 Beast Pacing Hot Chocolate San Diego 15K team!
Current need: To get over this "flu-like" whatever that's been plaguing me. I woke up yesterday (Tuesday) with a migraine about 1 am, didn't go to work because of a significant lack of sleep and that eventually turned into feeling chills, body aches, and other issues. After Doug got home from football practice, we went to urgent care... sooo... you can see where that leads. Hoping I can shake it off enough for a decent enough run at Surf City on Sunday. :( 

Current favorite: Abundant Heart, because this: "Abundant Heart: the belief that fitness should be FUN; combining inspiring mantras with lively colors to make any workout, event or everyday experience more abundant." Perfection, right?! AH is my n
ewest favorite tank company (they do sweatshirts and stuff too) thanks to Shelby. I wore AH tanks for both Surf City and Phoenix, and they are some of the softest, most comfy, cute and hilarious tanks ever. Both mine are burnout tanks, and you can be I am eye-balling this one, too: 
{Abundant Heart}
Current goal: Finish the last four weeks of OC Marathon training strong and on point. Getting in my yoga, stretching, foam rolling and making my runs count. I'm honestly just looking forward to beasting that race and showing myself what I am really capable of! 

Month Goals: Post-Phoenix recovery was awesome, but by the time Dairy Aire rolled around (re: my first run in a week, very intentionally) I was itching to run... which also told me I was ready and that I did recovery right! I feel like I really kicked some major ass and made some mega-progress this month and am excited to jump into April with Ragnar and my last month of OC training! 

Goals for March:

- 110 miles - Done! 
- Incorporate strength training at least 1-2 times per week - I did it once. All month. 
- Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week) - Achieved one week! But never missed a sesson! 

Goals for April:
- 125 miles
Add another yoga day in for at-home practice (so 2 times per week)
Intentional stretching/foam rolling as miles increase these next few weeks heading into race day

March was awesome. I'm on such a high right now and that's mostly thanks to the last week or so, where I feel like I've just nailed my runs, nailed my workouts and am doing it all right. With many thanks to Jacky and My Fitness Pal, I am at least paying attention to what I eat and take in each day (even with just estimates) and that in just two and a half weeks of tracking my food, I lost 2 pounds. That's far more than I've done in a while, and I am looking forward to dropping some more weight before OC (goal: another 6 pounds). I think I can hit that goal in 4.5 weeks, so ready to make it happen! 

What are your biggest accomplishments from this month? What are you looking forward to next month?

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