Friday, April 1, 2016

San Diego or Bust!

Goooood morning! As of 5:30 am PST, we are officially en route to San Diego, via miles and miles of road, sidewalk, beach trails and highway shoulders through an adventure called Ragnar So Cal

Team #SWAGNARstrikesback got started with Marco, one of our first-timers (!), leading us off. I'm in Van 2, so I have time to chill and cheer people on as we get set. I'm also runner 11, so even once Van 2 starts, I've got a bit of a wait ahead of me. I've been in Van 1 enough that I'm used to having the fun early on in the day, so this will be a challenge in controlling my antsyness in wanting to get started already! Yipes!

Follow the team along at #SWAGNARstrikesback  + cheer us along! Be sure to also follow me for all the in-between fun too: @runmeganrun // @__MeganJohnston // Run Megan Run

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