Thursday, February 11, 2016

Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon

Surf City Half Marathon 
February 7, 2016 | Huntingon Beach, CA 

I knew that my goals for Surf City were lofty, given how last week turned out. Let's be real - I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in bed, during which most of my caloric intake were saltine crackers and Gatorade. My first meal since Monday night was on Thursday night (and that meatball sandwich was heavenly). But those goals were down, and there, and I wanted to leave them that way.

If anything, the flu would force me to listen to my body, a concept I'm not normally all that great at following, and I would back off if and when it told me to. Time would only tell.

Race day essentials: Pro Compression socks / Abundant Heart tank / KT Tape /  Sparkly Soul headband / SPIbelt / Gu / Brooks Running Pure Connect 4s. 

Doug and I got up and were out the door at 5:45 to get down to Huntington Beach and were parked by 6:30. The marathon started at 6:30 but the half didn't start until 7:45, so we had time to get settled before we took off. We met Jacky and Sandy at the IERC tent, just in time for the club group photo... and just like that, it was time to get situated in the corrals. Surf City was truly corraled for the first time this year, so Jacky and I were way up ahead of Doug and split once we found his.

With a goal time of sub-1:50, I'd need to maintain a pace at 8:25, so Jacky's plan was to nail miles anywhere between an 8:00 and 8:20 pace throughout. I felt good, felt ready, and my flu medication had all kicked in fine, so let's go - it's PR time!

5K: 26:05 / 8:24 pace

We hit the one hill about mile 4, and I felt myself just slosh uphill. Like, it shouldn't be this hard because after all, I train in Chino Hills and this hill is no worse than even half the hills we run. Oooof. I tried making up for some of the time going downhill but my legs felt heavier and heavier.

Maybe this wasn't supposed to happen today. 

Best personal pacer ever. 
I missed the 10K mat, but knew that I was slowing down immensely. It got hot fast (nearly 71 degrees about mile 10), and I could feel the little preparation my body had had all week was doing me in already. The course turns around just after the 8 mile marker and I could not wait for the stretch home - final stretch, but certainly the hottest, and this was just all asphalt running down PCH.

As we doubled-back, I was just keeping a desperate look out for Doug - just to make sure he was doing okay in the heat, but also just because I needed a hug. That was all I wanted, as I was a little disappointed in my mental loss and because it just wasn't in the books. I finally saw him just after mile 10 or so and I had like 26 minutes to squeeze in my C goal (sub-2)... and I just knew it wasn't meant to be.

10 mile: 1:32:47 / 9:17 pace

Jacky pushed me as hard as she could (thank you!), and I later learned that she was hurting pretty good (ahem), and that I was just totally and completely fatigued. Over it. We saw some of our IERC friends at the end, Carla and Mayara, and they  were a fun way to shake up the last half mile - thanks ladies!

We squeaked in to a 2:03:40 (9:26 pace) finish. Not my A, B, or C goals, but I did earn a course PR by just under 8 minutes and as always, had a blast with my girl.

Badass 20th anniversary medals! 
I wasn't/am not thrilled, but I think the important part was that I walked away knowing that unlike any time before, I listened to what my body said: slow down and go easy. Sunday became just about the finish line and not the finish time. Combined with the previous week, and the heat, I knew that I just needed to finish and I'd still be proud of the accomplishment.

And, ultimately, the day ended on a high note anyway.

Because this happened.

... and you can wait until Friday to read all about it. :)

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  1. Hey! A course PR is still a PR! Plus, shiny bling at the finish line makes EVERYTHING better!