Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Final Touch

Alright, so the time has finally come (and I'm avoiding unpacking some more) to introduce the other art project I took on -- this was the little table I showed you a few weeks ago that I picked up with the grandma stool at the Salvation Army. Remember?

 So in combination of the weekend where I spent the entire weekend on my patio working on the stool, the nightstand and being sincerely intimidated by the dresser, I worked on this guy. In my head, I already a plan for it! I wanted it to be a little vanity table in the corner of my room. So, you guessed it: I painted it black. But wait! I needed to add some fun element to it, to make it more than just another piece in my room. Learning a little something on Pinterest comes in handy, yes? Yes!

I had already lined the bottom of the drawer (it was pretty grungy looking) when I figured out what I wanted to do -- also inspired by a piece of art I found online (man I love Pinterest and these blogs!). I also ended up adding a piece of bright teal-blue ribbon so I could finally start some sort of color accent to my room. It needed it! But anyway, more damask love. Many thanks to the tools I have access to at work, I found this pattern online, blew it up, traced it, and then planned on transferring it to the top of the table. Well, originally I had the horrendous idea of cutting out every piece of the stencil (I know, I know) but then found this genius idea on Pinterest! Saved again. And it works! Quite brilliantly!
Pattern I love oh so much!

Thank goodness for projectors & work!

The trick I learned: put newspaper on the table, put your stencil on top. Trace hard with a pencil and the newsprint rubs off on the table! Genius!
And there you have it!
And then, the tedious task of painting it all -- took about three layers but I am happy with how it turned out. A layer of polyacrylic coating on the top and drawer, and voila!
First layer of white in progress.

Don't you just love the knobs that match? I was lucky enough to catch them on sale 50% at Hobby Lobby! They're just perfect for the final touch on the whole thing! 
Final piece!
I just need to finish unpacking my room so there's room to actually put it to use. I'm also on the hunt for a pretty mirror to put above it to fulfill its vanity table purpose. Stay tuned for its final home in my room... once I find a mirror and some decor!

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