Monday, November 14, 2011

When Nothing Else Will Do

The last piece of furniture I actually needed was a TV stand. There's one at Target I'm lusting over that matches the only piece of furniture I've purchased new so far (the black bookshelf; this is the TV stand). But when a $20 crosses my path on CraigsList, who am I to turn it down for a temporary solution?

This is not the best thing I've done (Tina says it's not her favorite either!) but it'll solve the TV-sitting-on-a-plastic-storage-bin problem until then. Right? Right. Here you have it:

Not that it was ugly... but it was ugly.

Yep. Gray's got to go.
I've learned a lot about the wonders of spray paint and that you can actually do some pretty good things with it. Especially since I didn't particularly care how this guy turned out, I figured why not spend $4 on a can of black spray paint and just see what I can do? Awesome. Found a primer/base paint in black (this stand was a slightly glossy laminate, so I'd need the primer regardless; thank you combo cans!). I also ran out of the primer/base, but thankfully I had leftover satin black to finish the bottom of it. Well, then I ran out again... thankfully, on the back of the stand. Again, thanks to Pinterest, I knew of the perfect alternative. Check it out!

Leftover black and white fabric as the cover-up for running out of paint? Perfect!

So while no, it's not the best thing ever, it at least fits the style of my apartment for now! TV dilemma - solved.

At least it's semi-pretty now!

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