Saturday, February 13, 2016

All the Ambassador Love

I've been bursting at the seams and though I've been posting the fun all over Instagram and the interwebz, I thought I'd share more about all the fun that's heading my way in 2016.

I feel so unbelievably fortunate that I've been chosen to represent three amazing race groups and series this year and cannot wait to share more fun, opportunities and of course discount codes with y'all so you can join in with me!

First, I am STOKED to say that I was asked to come back to the Long Beach Marathon ambassador team. They keep their team small (there are only six of us!) and coming back for a second year is more than I could have asked for! I've run the Long Beach half twice now (when I paced a friend to a PR and then ran coast-to-coast) and absolutely love the race. The course, the crowd and the donut holes at mile 10 all add up to one fantastic race experience! I'm hoping this year to also jump in for the 5K on Saturday and then either the half or the full on Sunday - that's a little TBD!

Use code RUNJLBMMJ for 10% any of the weekend events - run or bike! 

Secondly, I'm pretty also stoked to say that again for the second year, I'm joining the amazing Rock 'n Blog team for the Rock 'n Roll Race Series. I'm joining an incredible team of 100 bloggers and rockers from all over the WORLD who love the RnR series and all that it stands for! I could NOT be more thrilled. Last year I was fortunate enough to cruise through San Diego (the infamous #notmyshoes weekend) and Brooklyn on our blogger 3-tour-pass and THIS YEAR - hold yourself - the incredible folks at Competitor have gifted us a global tour pass for the year. #jawdrop Though I don't think any of the global destinations are in my reach this year (you know, financial goals), I'm hoping to get to a few new stops along the way. Can you say squeeeee?

My last super exciting partnership is with the amazing Zooma women's race series! I ran the Atlanta race in 2012 (my second half ever!) and though their destinations have changed since then (sadly, Napa isn't one anymore!), I am excited to be a part of a series that commits to catering to the needs and wants of real women runners. I can only hope to be able to make any of these races (heyyyy, new state!), but you can join in the fun at least, even if I can't! 

You can always check for more discounts here at any point or check out any of my social media pages for updates about price increases and other fun meet ups for any of these races! 

Lastly, I was also invited back to be a Portland Marathon ambassador again for this year! I was part of their inaugural team for 2015, got to run the amazing race, and am stoked to be joining them again! I won't be running the race this year, as it coincides with Long Beach, But that doesn't mean you can't! You can save $10 off race registration with code MEGAN16

It really is an incredible, personal race that I think really showcases the best of Portland and what the city is all about. Roses at the finish line, a baby tree to take home, medals and commemorative coins. They do it right and I can't recommend this race enough if you're looking for a fun weekend trip to Oregon! 

I really am floored that so many of these organizations and series believe in me and my little ol' blog here on the internet and that I have something to give! I am way excited about being able to contribute, help spread the Long Beach, RnR and Zooma love and share the fun with you on my adventures this year!

Where do I go next?!

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  1. I've been looking for a reason to go to Portland and was so excited when I saw this....until you said it conflicts with Long Beach. This is the first year I'll be in town for Long Beach so I'm finally going for my first Beach Cities Challenge medal!! Maybe next year for Portlan!