Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap #6

February 7 - February 13

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Sunday | Surf City Half Marathon 
I'm sure you've heard and/or read all about it by now... but the race wasn't as planned. The damn flu will do that to you, so such is life! A 2:03 finish is nothing to scoff at, especially since it's almost an 8-minute course PR, just not the goal I had in mind. Off to start looking for another spring goal race to tackle.

Pre-race. Pre-engagement
13.11 miles / 2:03:40 / 9:26 pace

Monday | Rest
I knew that I had pushed my body just enough on Sunday with how tight my calves were on Monday. I rolled out a bit just to get a little looser, but I definitely knew that my body was reacting to being down and out all week and then being pulled through a 13 mile run. Eh, at least I was smart enough to back off on Sunday so I didn't feel any worse than tight calves.

Tuesday | 3 Miles Easy
I attempted (and yes, will already admit to the attempt) of getting this run in when I got home from work after a few minutes on the couch (maybe that was my mistake). I headed to the complex gym, hopped on the treadmill and lasted all of 15 minutes. Fail. My body wasn't in it, my head wasn't in it... so I called it quits to give myself another day.

1.5 miles / 15:something / Over it

Wednesday | Rest
I should really stop scheduling Wednesday as a 'Rest' day because although it's just yoga, it's still an active, good workout and/or stretch session that is quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. Some weeks  I've even just run a shakeout two or three miles, but this week opted for just a good stretch sesh to workout my calves. Thank you, Fleet Feet!

Yoga / 60:00 

Thursday | 3-4 Miles Easy
Sandy asked in a very mind-reading text (because I was about to text her) if I was going to Fleet Feet for their group run. I had thought about it and was hoping that at least someone I knew would be there, so I was stoked when she said she was going! I knew she was just waiting to hear about the story. ;) We chatted the entire way and just had a fun, super casual and easy run... just what I needed to get over the flu mental game I've been fighting this week! A blast, as always!

#payforyourowndinner. Stolen from Sandy
5.14 miles / 53:59 / 10:26 pace

Friday | Rest
Not an overall great week, but again coming back from the flu certainly took its toll on me and I certainly felt it this week. Friday was a good rest day after 5 (albeit, easy) miles on Friday to get ready for Saturday's race in San Diego!

Doug and I took off after I got home from work on Friday night (and scrambled to pack) for my pacing gig at Mermaid San Diego and then (again, because he planned circles around me) we made plans to stay in San Diego all weekend to (what I know now is to) CELEBRATE!

Saturday | Mermaid Half Marathon
I got picked up a few months ago to pace this all-women's event in San Diego. I figured even after 2:03 on Sunday, and hopefully even after the flu, that pacing 2:15 was a walk in the park for me (after all, I can still pull off a 2:11 with bronchitis!). Race morning was beautiful and perfect along Mission Bay in San Diego (one of the prettiest places ever to run!).

Overall, not a great week but cutting myself a little slack as I bounce back from being sick all last week. You do what you can do, right?

I'm starting to get REALLY nervous for Phoenix. I signed up with the intention of it being a sort of temperature check for the OC full (May 1). If I run well, awesome, and if I'm not my best, that's okay. I'll then know where to charge forward after recovering from Phoenix and jumping into OC training. Time will only tell and Phoenix will tell me in two weeks how I'm really doing.

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  1. What a super memorable week for you. Even though it was tough workout-wise, it's definitely full of memories! Good for you for knowing when to rest and what your body needs. I definitely wouldn't call your yoga day a rest day. It's still work!! :)
    P.S. I tried to link up with my recap, but there wasn't a link :( I'll check back later...

    1. Super memorable week, even though it was tough! There is nothing better though. Every time I see these pictures or watch the video again, I just get supper giddy! <3

  2. Try again? I jusbmitted mine through the Add Link button...

    1. It wasn't showing this morning, but I came back to look and see it now!! Thanks.

  3. Great job despite not being 100%! I still love the engagement story!

    1. Thank you! A course PR is still a decent day! :) And I LOVE our story. It's perfect. <3

  4. What a memorable week for you, congrats!

  5. Super exciting that you got engaged! And it's so cute that he did it at a race! Hopefully you're feeling better this week! I hate winter sickness.

    1. Getting back into it, that's for sure! This weekend's half (albeit a slow pace for me) was significantly easier and more enjoyable. Guess I know I'm back! :)