Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites #12

This week has seriously flown by. Maybe it helps that I had a short week at work (Monday - Thursday), since we're headed out to a conference this afternoon at Cal Poly. But either way, it's blown by, I haven't done a whole lot of anything, but have had a super productive week in the office. Sometimes you gotta take office wins over fitness wins, right?

But either way, I'm excited for some really awesome things that have been going around - so let's jump in, because who doesn't like ending their week on a high note?!

1. Rock 'n Blog & #AlltheRaces
AsI got to share last week, I'm back to being a part of the super fabulous, selfie-master-takers Rock 'n Blog crew for 2016. Discount code coming soon... BUT I finally registered for my first two races of the series:

Half Marathon, Sunday, June 5

Half Marathon, Sunday, October 30

I wish I were doing the remix in San Diego (5K on Saturday), but I've got to work all day Saturday like last year, so I'm just in for the half this year! I love the San Diego race - you see so much of the city and the neighborhoods and community really come out in full force to support the runners. Love.

LA registration just opened yesterday at a special rate of $50, so if you haven't gotten in yet, go do it!

I'm also eye-balling doing the Carlsbad 5000 (5K), as I'll be in San Diego post-Ragnar anyway, so why not add a 5K, right?

2. This Weekend's Conference
I was in Denver last October for our professional association's national conference, and this weekend, we're co-hosting with Cal Poly. I'm super excited because I'm also presenting twice this weekend - something I haven't done in a LONG time at a conference - so pretty stoked to get myself back out there, especially in a new association!

3. All the Shoes!
So Brooks is discontinuing my favorite running shoe, the Pure Connects, after 4 models. I've been runing in them for nearly four years, so I'm a little upset and super bummed. But thanks to modern technology  I've been price stalking for weeks and finally bought a (first?) round of them to supplement me for a while. I'm hoping to do another round, because they're nearly half-off right now... so why wouldn't I? My first pairs came in Wednesday night! :)

4. The Rundead
SO - and I've had to wait a REALLY long time to share this, though you saw it on Insta last weekend, but I'll finally start sharing deets! Back in December, Michael and I had the really cool opportunity to be an extra on Brooks' first-ever commercial, airing during the Olympic Trials!

It was a totally incredible and awesome and RANDOM experience, but so much fun! Isn't it amazing what running connects you to? More details on the blog next week, but in case you missed the commercial, here's the FULL cut (see how many times you can spot Michael and bonus points if you find me):

Full details to come, promise!

It's been a good week in all things but running... but hey, sometimes an off week is just what you need! Happy Friday!

What are your highs from the week? Anything awesome to share?

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