Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Part of  my hopes with this blog is that it will also become a running journal -- a place to track, pay attention, and hold myself accountable for the running I am hoping to be doing. I've been running on and off since I moved here, but am hoping for truly being able to train, run, and complete the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon in March.

Many of you know that I had attempted to train and run a full marathon last October. I mark that as a fail in my book -- I did about 15 miles, just over half, and collected for myself my first half-marathon medal. While I DO recognize that that is something to still be crazy proud of, I also now know how much I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. Training wasn't what it should have been, I should have been more serious, and could have made it count (aside from the sleeping issues I was still suffering from at that point, which was a whole 'nother challenge). So, with that, I know now what it's really going to take and know that, once I'm on track, I can totally handle a half-marathon. For real.

First Athens 5K - check!
So for now, as an attempt to get serious, but also to learn new areas of Athens, I'm picking up 5 and 10Ks around town. What better way, right? So my first Athens 5K was held at Timothy Elementary School, out on the west side of town, and the 5K took us all through the winding, HILLY neighborhoods all around the school. The streets were gorgeous though, trees everywhere that are just starting to turn, and a beautiful morning overall. At this point, I hadn't been running super seriously -- an occasional 2-3 times a week, usually a 5K each time, but allowing myself to slack off whenever I felt just tired enough. What an excuse.

I have the mentality, especially when I'm paying for a race (because I hate paying $20 to go run 3 miles that I could just be running down my street) is that I've paid for it, I want to earn it, and I want to do well. Earlier that week, I had gotten back down to close to my 5K PR and clocked a time of 28:45 which I was SUPER happy with. This 5K, hills included, was brutal -- but I ran the entire thing, save for maybe 50 yards of it, and had a great sprint to the finish with a guy that I had been playing tag with the entire race. My hard work paid off for this one, as I clocked a 30:57finish AND finished 2nd in my age group, which I've never done before! Super exciting! See it all below.

This race helped boost me a little. Last week was rough, and I only ran once, but have started this week (Tuesday) with a great 4-mile run this morning. I'm feeling motivated and encouraged, I just need to get back in the habit of making it a morning ritual. Wish me luck!
Blurry - but you can tell I'm excited! And this was almost at the finish!

Had an awesome sprint to the finish with this guy.

BAM! Second in my age group!

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