Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#reverbbroads11: Laughter is the Best Medicine

I'm participating in #ReverbBroads11, a month of blog prompts promised to be silly and reflective. Today’s prompt is: Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why? Slapstick, dry witty comedy, your kids, Monty Python?

At first, my only answer was "Well, duh, everything." And I mean that, most of the time - I am easily entertained, amused, and find most silly, random things in life funny. And after I thought for a little while, I came up with two, whole-hearted answers: puns and YouTube. Let me explain.

Puns: I appreciate puns -- the ones that are intentional, the ones that people come up with and 20 minutes into the conversation, find an appropriate (or, as is the case usually, totally planned awkward) moment to blurt it out. For example: last night at dinner with some of my students, we were on a series of random topics about movies:

[student a] Aw, I love August Rush!
[grad] Wait, what's August Rush?
[student b] It's a super cute movie, 'bout a talented little kid, who plays some instrument, finds his family....
[me] It's a sweet movie.
[grad] Is it music to your ears?

Now, it makes me groan, but deep down inside, I was chuckling. There are others, plenty of others, and if I sat and thought about it long enough, I'd be able to recite them for you. I enjoy this one, though:

“The sardine factory reeled job applicants in by promoting a can do atmosphere.”

Tee hee hee. You can find more here

YouTube: I know it's partially plagued by people being intentionally ridiculous at the hopes of becoming an overnight website sensation, but for those that are of the quality of America's Funniest Home Videos, they keep me rolling. Part of the reason I love working with students? They keep me in check with the latest YouTube hits. Just kidding, I like them for other reasons. But mostly YouTube. I'll leave you with some favorites -- laugh out loud, I dare you!

Ultimate Dog Tease (will forever be a favorite)

* note that I don't enjoy animals getting hurt, obviously. But the bowling one cracks me up each and every single time. Kitty doesn't get hurt.

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