Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Goals for 2012

I always set up goals for myself, tend to forget what I've said I want to do, or just kind of... let them fall by the wayside, let's say. I am hoping by blogging them, for one, and for two, regularly checking back to see how I'm doing, I can actually hold myself accountable for the things I'd like to achieve. You can help, too! *hint*

I have a few things I'd like to start working on, a few that are essentially in progress, and some that are life-bucket list things that are things I've always wanted to work on. So, with that... here you have it.

Personal Finances - this is going to be vague to you for obvious reasons, but you'll get my gist!
  • Increase my savings - always a works in progress, but especially because so much of it was used to move this fall, that for personal safety and sanity, I'd like to buff it up again.
  • Talk with my bank to lower my credit card interest rate - I'm actually really excited about this and am going to talk to my bank this week! I worked hard, especially thanks to not paying rent for 3 years while an RD, and dramatically worked to improve my credit score and reduce my debt. Hoping the conversation this week with them works in my favor!
  • Lower my debt - enough said. School loans are well under way, but a few years' worth of credit card use has me continuing on working on this one. I'd like to have at least half paid off by the end of the year.
Health & Fitness
  • Complete 3 half marathons - My first is in 27 days, eep! But I am so excited and actually feel like I am thoroughly training and preparing for this. If this January one goes well, I am hoping to run one in March also. And then, of course, some lofty goals to run a few in the fall!
  • 800 miles - Yep. I said it.  I did 200 this year, and 3/4 of that was October-December, so I think I can make this work. Especially if I make Health Goal #1 (3 half-marathons). Keep rootin' for me! I'm nervous, but I think I can do this one!
  • Meatless Mondays - I tried this for awhile, but tended to remember at random. I would like to make this a conscious effort each week. With this, I'd also like to lower my red meat consumption to once a week (not super difficult, given that I currently don't each much red meat, but would again like to make an effort).
  • Complete one race a month - this is already definitely under way! And I'm excited about it. I'd like to amp it up and do a few more than 5Ks, especially given that I'll be doing the half at the end of this month, but am open to random exciting 5Ks (like The Color Run). You can check out my Running page for more info... pretty pumped!
  • Get my Athens library membership - I've said I was going to do this since I moved here, and have yet to do so. Because... with that, I'd like to read 30 books this year. I need to read more, learn more, and get my mind a little more regularly active!
  • Volunteer - It's easy to say I'm going to volunteer, but I'd like to commit 8-10 hours a month to doing something in my community. While my first humane society experience wasn't stellar, there are other animal opportunities in the area that I'd like to do! This can be around my community, randomness in Atlanta, and even taking on opportunities with my sorority some more.
  • Travel - I'd like to get to three new states this year. I'm lucky that I haven't been to the majority of the eastern seaboard, and two new states (Tennessee and South Carolina) are both about a two hour drive. So this should be easy, but I'd like to take trips to these places with a purpose, not just to cross them off.
And there you have it! What are your resolutions? How can I help you stay on track? Need a running buddy? Holler! :)


  1. I've been thinking we could help each other with one of our goals and a new state for you. What do to think about an adventure at Congaree NP? I'll drive down, I'll drive down.

  2. I would definitely be game for that! AND it would cross another National Park off my Life List. Bingo. :)