Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running Dreams 2012

Katy Beth's post inspired me, but I also want to hash out hopes for races this year. I wish I had you know, an extra $1000 (at least) at my disposal so I could just flit to and from and get to every race that I'd really like to do. However, I am of the normal variety and have only so many extra dollars to my name. That being said, there's a few things I'm already signed up for and excited to get to!

First and foremost:

The Callaway Gardens Half Marathon - Pine Mountain, GA - January 29

Yep, the official half marathon I've been (mostly) working my tail off for since October-ish. While it surely won't be as pretty as the photo above, given that it's January, I am excited that the entire race is through a regionally recognized botanical garden!

The Color Run - Atlanta - March 31
I can't even begin to tell you how I excited I am about this! If you would like to guess the level of excitement, check out the video. If you know me at all, you know I'm PUMPED.
I'm also really excited because I'll be running with a few of the girls I met at the Madison Christmas race, who in turn have gotten some people, and Heather's doing it with me, and now my boss and his wife are in too! So pretty much our team, Flair for Theatrics, is going to have the best time ever. Exciiiiiiited. 

So those are the only two I'm currently registered for - however, have lots of plans and dreams in the works. Wanna know how many? Check it out:

- Athens Mardi Gras 10K (2/4; Athens, GA)
- Taste of Athens 10K (2/18; Athens, GA)
- Arizona 5K (2/25; Phoenix) - Tina's bachelorette weekend... we might kick it off with a race!

- Dirty Girl Mud Run (4/28) (Atlanta, GA) - like Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy but an all-women's race. A fairly new series, and only in a few cities nationwide. Thankfully Atlanta is one of them!

(summer here sucks, which means slim pickin's for runs!)

- Peachtree Road Race (7/4; Atlanta) - Apparently it's one of THE biggest road races in Atlanta, as it's a 10K with a lottery system. Yeah, whoa. They turn 5,000-10,000 people away. One can dream!
- Athens TRI to Beat Cancer Triathlon (8/19; Athens, GA) - Heather and I are all about this (sprint tris are a great way to start out)... minor detail: we need bikes. Currently doing research and maybe we'll get there!

- Disney World Tower of Terror 10-Miler (9/29; Orlando) - I am dying to do a Disney race, and what better than an awesome night race for an awesome ride... and then late-night access in the park afterwards? Awesome. Count me in, please.

- Nike Women's Marathon (10/14; San Francisco) - this is a run for a million dreams. There's a crazy lottery and a whole crazy process, but who doesn't want to run for a Tiffany's piece? I can only hope to be able to make it into this thing with Katy Beth, but oh my lord... yes please. 

- Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (TBD; Las Vegas!) - I got Heather really excited about this last night, and I'd love to be able to do it! I hear it's a lot of chaos (especially with changing it to a night run this past year), but one, it's Vegas, and two, it'd just be awesome!

Again, these are all assuming money is no object. In my dreams. We'll see what I get done this year! Wish me luck! 


  1. I may be in for Tower of Terror with you, depending on overall health and whether or not I do that or Wine and Dine Half. And I'm doing Color Run in May with Parker, I'm pumped!!

    This schedule looks great- RUN MEGAN RUN! :)

  2. I'm not gonna lie, Wine and Dine sounds awesome! Let me know what you decide -- regardless, I'd like to know someone at either of them since it's travel for me, but I would be up for either!

    We could finally meet IRL? Word. Let's do it!

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  4. wine and dine is totally on my one day dream list:) this sounds like some great racing this year! and i know the extra $1000 feeling, i so wish i had an imaginary fund that would just pay for all mine haha. oh and let me know about vegas! not sure that im going to do it, but ill be here:)

  5. KB, you should come! For either one. ;)