Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Monday...

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dear monday, you came way to quickly, given that i only had sunday off this week. you have a lot to make up for already.

dear back pain, also a totally unnecessary way to start the week! thanks for making me feel the need to leave work early today and hole myself up in the apartment laid up on the couch. also not a winning combination for the week.

dear 10K on saturday, please treat me kindly. i've ran once and worked out four times since the half two weeks ago, and while i feel that i am ready to conquer you, i'm a little nervous. be kind!

dear north georgia weather, while i like the idea of snow, i'm not sure i like the high of 35 degrees coming our way. can you just bring some snow and leave it sunny and 65 instead?

dear grammy watchers, just because chris brown is performing and winning awards, doesn't make his past actions okay. tweeting about it only encourages more appalling behavior, society. get with it.

dear danielle, no sweat! get to it when you have the time and energy! all in good time.

dear conference this past saturday, thank you for going nearly seamlessly, helping us receiving countless comments of positive feedback, happy guests, and an overall outstanding a day. thank you for also confirming my faith that i'm in the right place right now!

happy monday, everyone!


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    1. thanks! i did a 5K last night with my group run and i didn't die, despite the sickness that's creeping in. pretty excited -- i might actually survive tomorrow!