Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Monday...

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dear monday, not sure what you've got in store for me this week, but bring it on!

dear warrior dash, i am SO STOKED for saturday! thankfully it's one of the few sunny days this week!
dear apartment complex, you suck. your customer service, or lack there of, sucks. yes, those new reviews that are popping up online are coming from me. and that 5 page letter that your management company is going to get? also from me. enjoy. 

dear craigslist, much as you helped furnish my apartment, thanks for letting me make some cash monies back! i'll be sad to part with these two pieces, but i'm excited to make fifty bucks off of them! i need some cash to get through this month, so this is utterly perfect
first pieces i refurbished!
dear family, 30 days til we cruise![ps. dear bahamas, get ready for us!]

dear colleagues & former supervisors, thanks for being such a wonderful source of guidance, advice, relief, and support! your openness means the world to me and knowing i have such an amazing support group behind me is wonderful and uplifting. you all... whether you read this or not... are amazing and i value you each.


  1. YAY!! I have a goal to do a Warrior Dash in my area this fall! Can't wait to read about your experience! Happy Monday :)

    1. Oh yes, I am SO excited! Will be sure to tell all! Happy Monday in return. :)

  2. YAY for Warrior Dash - always wanted to do one of those. This looks like so much fun! Love your blog.