Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Monday...

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[i even beat megan at her own post today!]

dear monday, i'm feeling optimistic and sunny today. the yellow cardigan might be helping. but i'm ready for you, week! bring. it. on. 

dear warrior dash georgia, thanks for a freaking kick-butt race! race re-cap to come, friends, i promise! for now... post-race gloriousness. 
dear apartment complex, you continue to astound me with your customer service (or, again, lack there of) and your failure to do things you say. if you say it, do it. your failure to follow through is just another excuse, and i'm tired of your excuses. oh, and it's more to add to my letter to your property management company. enjoy. 

dear charter, despite the bad things i've heard about your bad service in athens, i've been nothing but happy with you since starting my account in september! even more happy that the service rep came at 8:30 this morning and was done hooking my new apartment up in less than 15 minutes. win. 

that is all. happy monday!

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