Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Monday...

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Dear Monday, I'm ready for the last whole week of work before vacay. I'm also very ready for next week's two-day work week. Yes please.

Dear Summer Run Streak, thanks for getting me to do some major work lately! I can honestly say it feels fantastic and I'm excited to see how I progress. Cutting 13 seconds off from Friday's run on last night's run let me know that if I really keep at this, I know I'm bound for great things. Just gotta keep at it!

Dear friends, Amma and I are running for Team Cruisin' for Cupcakes, as part of the Run 10, Feed 10 campaign from Women's Health. Our 10K has yet to be determined, but won't you help contribute to our cause? Don't deny the children their cupcakes -- be a dear and donate? :) Please and thank you! Side note: many thanks to CrowdRise for the Twitter contest... I won a shirt that will be heading my way! Excited, I've never won anything on Twitter! Yay! And thanks to Latika for the most hilarious email ever. Love them.

Dear Ragnar DC Teammates, I'm already stoked about this. And we don't even register until tomorrow. SO. EXCITED. Can it be here now, please?

Dear family, cruise time is almost here! Get excited! I'm so ready for a vacation, and a tan, and running on a boat, and delicious island adult beverages and yes, family time. 

Have a great week, everyone! 

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