Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day 2012

I know I'm a day late with this, just wasn't up to pulling out my dinosaur of a laptop and making this post happen last night!

I'm a little bummed that I didn't actually get out and run on National Running Day. As I was leaving work, my knee tightened up a bit and that was a clear sign that with all my running lately, that I needed to take it easy. I didn't want to miss Day 10 of the #RWRunStreak though, so instead of the dog park daily trip, Molly and I took a walk to Menchie's to get fro yo -- a 1.77 mile round trip. I'll take it!

Regardless of whether or not I ran today, I am a runner. I've put that more and more into my head. I race, I run... and you know why? Here's why:

After two knee surgeries, yes, I can still do it!
  • I run for stress relief. 
  • I run to push myself.
  • I run because I'm determined to make myself better.
  • I run to stay in shape!
  • I run to meet folks -- I've met a few folks in an around Athens and love seeing a few familiar faces at local races!
  • I run to better friendships -- motivating friends who are recent runners, or aspiring runners, or whatever you want to call it! Love having companions to push and encourage and motivate, because they dish it right back!
  • I run to re-connect -- finding commonalities with friends from undergrad (shout out to KB!), or create better relationships with sisters over our love, it's a good time regardless! 
  • And lastly.. as my badge says... I run to prove that I can. Because I can. And with work, I can get better. I've got goals... I'm going to make them happen!
Why do you run?

PS. It's pretty much torture seeing all these race codes and wanting to sign up for 8 billion races... and really, I need to watch my wallet! Boo!


  1. Those are great reasons to run and are some of mine too! Good decision not to run with the knee discomfort. I learned my lesson that cost me three months of no running!

  2. hey girl, hey! i love your list, i cant wait to see what else is on the goal list:)
    ps that foryo looks de-licious!