Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wine & Dine: Week 2

Week 2, done and done. Didn't get off to a fabulous start, got on a super awesome high, and almost ended on a blah note again. Off and on week to say the least! Ended on a good note with a fabulous race and a lot of fun times!

Sunday: Cross -train
cycle 7.75 miles / 31:44
walk 3.42 miles / 1:11:05
Got in an awesome cycle session at the gym, followed by about 30 minutes of weights just to toss in a little strength work. Felt amazing coming off that gym session and knew I was bound to be really sore -- just had to find out how sore the next day. Later in the evening, joined two dog park Shepherd owners on a walk to the park, let the pups play, and then walked home. Exhausting for the pups -- awesome for me!

Monday: 3 miles
1.82 mi / 18:44 / 10:19 pace
Um, yeah. I was really sore. "Hurts so good!" was never in my vocabulary before, and while I enjoyed knowing that I put in some good work on Sunday, was not feeling having to run on that "hurt so good" sore legs! I also got out the door later than I had hoped, so had to cut it short and high-tail it home to get ready for the day.

Tuesday: 30 minute tempo
3.01 miles / 27:44 / 9:13 pace
Yep, that was a tempo run! My legs were still sore, though not as much as on Monday, but apparently my legs do okay when tired. This run felt awesome from start to finish - holy wow. I've never run more than a mile at a pace that quick, let alone a solid 3. This run had me on a total high for the rest of the week... or so I thought.

Thursday: Rest
I was excited to rest, not going to lie.  

Friday: 3 miles
1.58 miles / 16:18 / 10:21 pace
Yeah, that high quickly went away, huh? Really struggled on Friday morning with getting in a groove. Was disappointed, but knew I wasn't any closer to getting my head in the game at 1.5 than I was at 1, so just turned and headed home. I knew it was best, especially with fighting the want to actually get out and get moving. But you know...

Saturday: 5K Race
2.83 miles / 27:24 / 9:40 pace
Well.... it was supposed to be a 5K! Check out the full story here.
After our race, we headed straight to the Chattahoochee River and went tubing, literally all afternoon! We got on the water around 1:30 and surprisingly didn't get back to our cars to grill at around 6:30. Totally drained, we ended up staying in Atlanta again and came back home this morning.  And this is how Molly spent the evening:

How was your week? How's training going?

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