Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wine & Dine: Week 3

Week 3 in the books, and unfortunately I have to say it was a fairly rough week. Between a crazy work week making up our Fall Activities Fair that had been cancelled the week prior thanks to Hurricane Isaac storms that were expected (and never came, mind you), and getting ready for my weekend galavant to LA, it was a crazy one.
Let's see how it really went, hmmm?
Sunday: Cross-Train
Cycle - 6.46 miles / 30:17 min + strength

Monday: 3.5 miles

Tuesday: 3 miles
3.2 miles / 33:41 / 10:31 pace
I got in my miles today! Felt like a slacker after (albeit, being productive) not running on Monday, my day off! Such is life. Tuesday morning was great. Beautiful morning, beautiful run... such a perfect (almost) fall day.

Tuesday was also awesome for some different reasons -- as you know, I was accepted as a Sweat Pink ambassador -- still super pumped, still excited to  be a part of such a great community. And, as you'll see below, I also won some sweet stuff from Sparkly Soul! They held a contest via their Pinterest page, where you had to post a photo of you sportin' one of their awesome sparkly bands. To my excitement and surprise, I found out via Instagram that I won! Talk about a great day! Cannot wait to get some new bands in the mail for an extra little bit of colorful, sparkly fun.

Wednesday: 3 miles + strength
Wednesday was the finally arriving Fall Activities Fair. Like I said, it was supposed to be the week before but due to projected storms (that never came), we postponed it until this week. Being on campus from 6 am to 4 pm is not conducive to having any desire to run. The end.
The 2012 Fall Activities Fair!
Thursday:  Rest
Exhausted from Wednesday, and very happy to have not run either of the two days. Felt like such a slacker this week, but knew that after my 12-day on Wednesday, I really needed the break. I knew it was justified at least, even if I felt terrible for not getting it done.

Friday: 3 miles
4.05 miles / 42:36 / 10:31
Before I headed to LA for the weekend, I wanted to get in a few miles to "make up" for missing out on Wednesday... and Monday... and blerg. There's a route that involves a hill straight up pretty much the last mile, and I've been eye-balling it forever, and finally had the courage to push myself to the hill. Nothing like a hill to give you a little motivation, huh? The hill was tough, but the run was pretty great overall.

I also won a pizza for lunch! The awesome team at Crowdrise does a series of trivia, random questions and the like via their Twitter account -- and, well, I had happened to win on Thursday! Many thanks to Crowdrise for the delish lunch! Just what I needed before a flight.
Los Angeles, brought to you by seat 35A.

Saturday: 6 miles
5.01 miles / 51:05 / 10:12 pace
Didn't get in the full 6, but had an awesome 5 miles around my hometown. I was honestly looking most forward to not running in humidity -- what a concept! Woke up at the crack of dawn (thank you, Eastern Standard Time) and was out the door before 7 am and before anyone else in my house had even blinked. The morning was perfect -- Southern California sun, no humidity, and low 70s. Talk about a heavenly run! Got to run down near my high school, all the way around near some old friends' housing tracks, and back home through my neighborhood. Looking forward to a few more runs like that when I go home for Christmas. No humidity is a beautiful thing.

How was your week? Do you try and "make up" miles, or call them a loss? Do you run while traveling, even for a quick weekend?


  1. Hurricane Isaac did a number on my marathon training that week, too. I tried to make up some of the miles but there was no way I could run during the hurricane so that one was a wash. Good luck with your training!

    1. I think it threw lots of us for a loop -- I feel like I sort of made up for it, but it's hard to make up the extra time on the road, even if you get the miles in. Ah well... one week screw up isn't TOO terrible, right?

  2. Welcome to the Sweat Pink Ambassadors! (: It is such a great family!

    1. Thank you! I am very excited to be a part of an amazing group like SPA! Looking forward to connecting! :)