Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wine & Dine: Week 8

Week 8 is over -- I'm more and more stuck on how does time keep going by this quickly? We're officially at the 4-week mark to Wine and Dine! I don't think I've talked about it here much, but although my training plan is set up for Wine and Dine, I'm actually focusing on making the Athens Half my super-serious race this fall. After my showing at the ATL 13.1 last weekend, I know that I can do super work at AthHalf. Check out the elevation charts from the two:

See that? I think there's totally an opportunity to do even better here at Athens. Guess we'll find out next weekend!

My hope for Wine and Dine, really, is that I can just be a support source for Heather as she runs her first half marathon. She started running about 11 months ago, and is already gearing up for her first (and second, at Surf City!) half. I'm super proud of her and hope that I can be a great source of support for her! And really, RunDisney is about fun. I want to stop and take photos with characters, run casually, and just have a god time overall. Totally do-able, yes? Yes.

With that, I bring you this week. It was mostly recovery with a few attempts at runs inbetween.

Monday: Rest
I rested super happily! My legs weren't sore, just tight, but overall not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I slept a glorious 10 hours on Sunday night (even after two naps on Sunday!) with my knees and quads doused in IcyHot (aaaaaah) and felt pretty good on Monday. It was only the times inbetween sitting and walking at work that I really felt the hurt. Overall, not terrible but a very happy rest day indeed.
Molly's ready for Halloween though!

Tuesday: 40 minute tempo
1.04 mi / 10:49 / 10:24 pace
I thought I felt good enough to at least attempt a jog. I got through about a half mile and thought "Oh, I feel alright! I can do a couple of miles at least!" and then hit one mile and wanted to die. So I headed back home. Yeah... kinda hurt.

Wednesday: 5 miles
Deemed that one more rest day would do me some good. Wednesdays are my longer days at work (my students have their general body meetings at 5:30-7), so I figured it was in my best interest for both sleep and my legs. I think it worked because...

Thursday: 3 miles
2.37 mi / 22:25 / 9:27 pace
...this morning I felt awesome! It was like my legs never hurt earlier this week, so needless to say, kind of a relief! It was a balmy 48 degrees when I walked out the door, so the new challenge is going to be getting my lungs to adapting back into winter running. I trained for my first half all last winter, and now that we've got marathon training in the works, it's going to be some major work this season too. All in all, an awesome run -- pace could have been even lower, but my lungs took a moment to freak out. Happy day!
Taking the #sweatpink to heart lately. Lots of pink!

Friday: Rest
And then I did. Again, happily! L0ng day at work followed by our office's largest event so far this semester, BasketBASH, an awesome premier night for the men's and women's basketball teams, filled with foods, events, crazy students (always!), and loads of fun. I was there until 10, so decided I deserved the day off from running around and totally exhausting myself.

Saturday: 9 miles
6.37 mi / 1:01:36 / 9:40 pace
I wasn't sure how I was going to do this run -- I found out about a 5K on Thursday afternoon that was being held on campus. It was the Do It for Broph 5K, an annual race that is dedicated to the Brophy Memorial Scholarship Fund (read more at the link). Anywho, it was only $10, and haven't done a race on campus yet, so I was excited about it. So Friday was dedicated to figuring out how I wanted to run my 9 miles (race at the beginning, then finish 6 more? Race at the end?). I finally decided to race at the end and see how strong I could finish.

I woke up about 7 on Saturday morning, and was out the door by 7:30 to get in my 3 warmup miles -- my new plan had become to run 3, race 5K, then run 3 more. 3.07 warm up miles at 29:15 (9:31 pace), then hopped in the car and headed to campus. This race was itty bitty, maybe 50 people? We also got diverted from the actual course route, so I ran a total of 3.3 (32:21 at 9:49 pace).
#sweatpink... some more!

I called it a day from there - I felt great after the 6+ and didn't want to push myself too much, especially given the half last weekend, but also with the half next weekend. Happy with my totals for the day, and had this been a legit 10K race or so, I would have had a great PR! Good day. Ran a few errands, then back and volunteered for a work dinner too!

Sunday: Cross Train
It would have been my first cross-training day in a few weeks, but I took it easy again, especially with how busy Friday and Saturday were! However, I spent the entire afternoon building a math garden with my students as their service project for the day! A few elementary school teachers wanted to build a garden with different-shaped beds, and then stepping stones with math problems all over the place. Super fun! It turned out great, and we put in nearly 3 hours worth of work -- so I'm going to count this as my cross-training for the day! Win.

Total miles: 9.78 
Glad I gave myself a few days to let my legs re-coup. It was needed, especially as I head into this next week and the half on Sunday!

7 days until AthHalf and I'm ready to do work! Do you have any races coming up?

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