Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marathon Training | Surf City Marathon

If you recall, last May, this happened:

When I registered in May, February 2013 seemed like light-years away. I mean, here I was, registering for a race that was nearly 9 months away. I'd never registered for anything so far in advance, let alone had just finished my first two half marathons and here I was registering for a full! Crazy pants, I tell ya what.

And here we are. November. I'm 80 days away from toeing the line of my first full marathon. Holy freaking cow. If you've paid attention recently, you know that this weekend, I ran my third half marathon in a span of just 5 weeks. I PRed twice in October, ran a solely fun-run this weekend, and am running my sixth and final half marathon of the year (and ever!) on December 26 in Los Angeles.

Technically, I started training six weeks ago for Surf City. Running the Allstate ATL half, and Athens and now Wine & Dine These halfs have given me an incredible base for the next 12 weeks of training. I'm excited, nervous, antsy and optimistic all at once (I hear that's normal)! But regardless, February will be here before I know it - and that means the time is near!

What does training look like for me, you wonder? You can see it here (picture link opens to Google doc):

I took part of the Hal Higdon Novice 2 marathon plan and modified it a bit to fit what I thought would work well for me - for example, I added speedwork during the week. Through these halfs, I've learned that while I hate don't love speedwork, I can definitely see it making a difference and contributing to my abilities to boost out a little bit faster each week. The beauty of this being my first full is that I have the opportunity to tweak things and re-arrange and adapt to my abilities as time goes on. As you can see, so far, so good!

My only worry thus far, is while I find myself super motivated during the week (which means getting up at 5:40 am to get to the gym by 6ish), I'm struggling with the long runs (not on a race day, as few as they've been). I'm nervous for when mileage increases exponentially and I'm stuck on trying to make it through a 17-miler...

Advice for a newbie marathoner? How do you find motivation for those super long runs? Tips, tricks, and things to know?


  1. There's no real way to mentally prepare for it. Your confidence builds each week as the mileage gets longer, but what catches you off guard is the cumulative fatigue of going on such a long and intense training schedule.

    It's analogous in a lot of ways to leg #3 in Ragnar. I'm guessing future marathons get "easier" in some sense to train for, but in the last month (and in particular, the taper!) what you're fighting most is mental and physical fatigue. You're unquestionably ready at that point, but the real test is getting yourself moving in the morning :)

    1. I think what really does make me most nervous is just how grueling this schedule can be. I SEE it... I just fear the day that it really slaps me in the face and I don't want to press on.

      Thanks for commenting. I can't WAIT to hear about y'all's race this weekend!

  2. you are going to do awesome! I never ran a half or a marathon but it looks like you have a great plan set up! Just stay focused and keep your goal in mind! you got this!

  3. got the surf city email too huh:) wow that training plan is a little scary girl! i know you can rock this, make sure to get those long runs in and you will be set:) i will be your long distance cheerleader that will take you all the way across the finish line!

    1. What email? LOL. Training plan is intense, but I'm excited. This week has been rough after the half, I just need to jump back into it! Please keep cheering, I'm going to need it! xoox