Friday, December 7, 2012

A Runner's Guide to Christmas 2012

I've seen a dozen lists all around the blogosphere about great gifts for runners for 2012. And some lists I think "Yep, totally want one of those" and some lists I see something and think "Um, really? Every runner wants that?" So while I feel that these posts are all over the place, I'm making my own - partially of things that I've seen are super cool (that I would love to have!) or things that I think you should consider for the runner in your life!

1. Raw Threads Half Marathon Tank
Raw Threads has a ton of cute running stuff, anywhere from headbands to tanks and tees, and some are specific to half marathons, marathons, Boston, you name it! They've also got a couple of great Beer Run and I Run for Wine shirts. Just love their whole collection! I adore this half marathon tank: Live - Love - Run Half Marathons. Adorable.
2.  Women/s Under Armour Fleece Divide Hoodie
I'll admit that I've become a sort of UA snob. I first fell in love with a pair of their tights when I started running in Texas, and now I've got a couple of pairs and a few tees and long sleeve tech tees that I adore. I first saw this hoodie at a Dick's Sporting Goods in Orlando while we were there for Wine and Dine and now I lust over it every time I see it. A few fun colors, but I love this pink one! No surprises there.
Also check out the Charged Cotton Storm hoodie, in even more fun colors and just as adorable.

3. Race Medal/Bib Rack
There are oodles of these floating around the internet, Etsy, and dozens of other blogs. I've made my own medal rack, but frankly... I'm running out of room! I love Running on the Wall because while there's a few pre-made designs and slogans (with still tons of colors to choose from), you can also create your own message to go on yours! You can get a bib rack and a medal rack to match, or just do one or the other. Love them!
4. Road ID
It's one of those things you know you should have... you just haven't gotten around to ordering one yet. That's me and Road ID. Especially since I normally run solo, it's a safety thing (at least I run with my ID!). These are actually super cute, not only functional, and come in a few colors (and a few variations, I just happen to like the Sport band best).

5. Energy Supplements
If you run often, you know that you need these guys - whether Gus, bars, chomps, or sport beans are your chew or goo of choice, they add up and aren't super cheap. With marathon training taking in full force these next few weeks, I looked at the cost of buying a box or two to get me through and was not pleased with what the total would be on these guys! Thankfully Clif also runs an Amazon page and you can get a box about $4 cheaper than you can on their own website - thanks, Clif!

Shot Bloks are my new favorite, and I particularly love Cran-Razz and Tropical Punch. I've heard great things about their Margarita flavor as well, but haven't taken the plunge into trying them. I prefer fruity stuff and I stick to what I know I like.

6. Race Entry
We runners know that race entries aren't cheap - and if you have to add travel on top of that, running is not a cheap hobby. Whoever said that is a liar. What better than to gift the runner in your life a race entry to the race they've been eye-balling for quite some time and are just dying to run? Genius idea! They'll love you for it, and maybe they'll take you along for the run-cation. My current hope:
I'm in the lottery and crossing my fingers that come December 20, I'll get a really happy email in my inbox telling me to prep for DC! Talk with the runner beforehand of course -- unless you want to surprise them with an all-out vacation (are you buying those plane tickets too?!).

7. Tech Finger Gloves
I've wanted a pair of gloves like these for awhile - and they're from Target, so you know they're not going to cost you an arm and a leg. For a girl who runs with her iPhone as an iPod, it's super helpful to not have to take off my mittens as I run so I can change a song. Handy dandy!
8. Compression Socks
Any runner will swear by these, whether their Pro Compression socks (my personal preference) or Zensah (they have tons of patterns and colors) or any other brand. Compression socks are a runner's best friend - whether your runner actually runs in them, or uses them for recovery afterwards, they are some of the best things to own! Pro Compression also just released a super fun pair of holiday socks, so if your runner has a Jingle Jog 5K coming up, this might make a great early present!
9. iTunes Gift Cards
What better way to stay in your best runner friend's head than supplying them the dough to make sure their playlist is up to date? iTunes gift cards are never a poor choice, and you can get them everywhere at this point (online, grocery stores, Best Buy, the locations go on!). Easy peasy, but so useful, your runner will thank you over and over.
10. Sparkly Soul Headband
Y'all know I swear by these -- add a little bit of glitz and sparkly to the sweaty job that running is! Your runner will look super fab in their collection of amazing colors, in both thin and wide widths to fit anyone's head and - I promise - they don't slip! They're lined on the inner layer that prevents any sort of moving around while bobbing along down the road.
I'm also hosting a giveaway through Saturday, December 8, so you have the chance to win your runner one of these beauties!

Is there anything else on your running Christmas wish list? What else would you recommend?


  1. omg i love your list! ok, i totally want the tank top. the gloves from target are awesome and super cute, i have a pair. and seriously i have had race entries on my christmas list for years and people always look at me strange! so glad im not the only one who thinks this is a good idea!!

    1. I think it's a super smart idea, I've just honestly never thought to ask. Next year, for sure, it's on my list. LOL.

      I want that tank top terribly - SO adorable and so much fun!

  2. Had to laugh...I bought two pair of the Target gloves for stocking gifts! Great list!

  3. I ordered my first pro socks and they're coming sooon. After hearing so much about it, I can't wait to get them!!

    1. They will change your life. Promise.

  4. I have my Christmas guide set to post later this week! I love seeing all the suggestions that other bloggers have; I would be happy to get anything on your list! (and actually, a few of them are on my list.)

    1. I wasn't going to do one, but then I got annoyed at so many repeats (granted, a few are on mine too), but I was having too much shopping around for myslf, I figured I'd make one too. :)

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