Monday, January 14, 2013

Surf City | Week 15

Inspiration quotes for the next few weeks:

Running is like mouthwash; if you can feel the burn, it’s working.   Brian Tackett

This was my first official week back (at least, semi-week) after the onslaught of the head-turned-chest cold that knocked me on my feet. I hate being sick. I hate resting. Put both of them together and I'm a mess. Especially since I'm supposed to be training! At least it mentally prepared me for tapering - and at least during (official) tapering, I can still be running! Silver lining people, it's all about the silver lining.

Monday: Rest
Well at least I finally got one day right! Students were back on campus today, my students had their first executive board meeting... back in the swing of things at UGA! Minus, you know... this whole running thing.

Tuesday: 45 minute tempo 
I really wanted to run today, but couldn't get myself to get up and go to the gym. In hindsight, my body was telling me to still take it easy and just rest one more day. I thought I was feeling better, but spent the day at work hacking up my lungs again. Sign taken, body, thank you.

Wednesday: 5 miles pace
2.12 miles / 22:57 / 10:49 pace + 2.20 miles / 11:56 cycle
I knew I wouldn't get to five miles, but given that I got up and went to the gym, I just wanted to get some miles in. Not a great pace, but a good pace, and happy with it given that I was still sniffling and just a little bit icky. I layered up in full tights and a sweatshirt, hoping I'd sweat out the last of the cold. Didn't totally work, but you know... whatever. Cooled down with a few minutes on the bike, just to keep moving a little bit.

Thursday: Rest
I know it said rest, but I really just wanted to get moving and get some miles in. Like I said, I'm not good at this whole resting thing. :) I got home from work and busted out a few quick miles to make up for yesterday's shortage and to try and get some good work in - and then raced home for laundry,

Friday: 5 miles
5.0 miles / 48:50 / 9:46 pace + .36 mi cool-down / 4:28 / 12:24 pace
Busted out a few miles before work because after work I had to bolt to the airport - sister came to town! First the miles: decent. Only walked about 3 laps of the 40, so I'm excited that I feel like my lungs aren't super mad at me anymore and are coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to keep pressing on. Take that, sickness.

My little sister lives in New York and hasn't been down here to visit yet, so a few weeks ago when she found a really great deal on tickets, she texted me and within 15 minutes, had a flight booked! She was also semi-excited that we were already running Hot Chocolate on that Sunday, so she signed up to do the 5K! Perfecto!

After the airport, we headed straight to the Hot Chocolate expo so we could pick up ours and Heather's race stuff. I was a little more than annoyed that we had to pay for parking and would have to pay for race day parking - couldn't there have been a better location for free expo-ing? You can read more of my expo thoughts here. After that, it was back up to Athens for the night to chill and get in some quality time with my seeeester.

Hot Chocolate expo!

Saturday: Rest
Well, kind of rest. Gave my sister the grand tour of Athens and campus, with Miss Molly in tow. It was a gorgeous day (um, hello 72 degrees in January!) so we got to make the most of walking around downtown and giving her the full campus experience! We also found our way to the state botcanical gardens, where I've never been, with the pup in tow. Fun extra side adventure, and photos to come! Saturday night we headed down to Heather's new place in Atlanta to get rested (and a lot closer) for the race on Sunday! Excitement abound! 

Sunday: Hot Chocolate 15K
9.39 mi / 1:34:51 / 10:06 pace
Last race before the marathon! Given this damn cold, I really wanted to push but not too hard to make myself fall back into a worse chest cold - goal was 1:35, just so I could be on target for marathon pace (which, really, is more like 10:30-11). Given the hills (yay Atlanta!) and the nasty humidity (almost 100% in January? Ew!). Recap to come soon!

After that, we hightailed it back to Heather's, showered, and Stub-Hubbed our way into this...
Rise Up!
 Seriously. Falcons playoff game, and one of the craziest games ever. What an experience - so glad my sister is into such randomness! More weekend fun coming later. So glad my sister finally made it down here and had the best whirlwind 51-hour weekend ever!

Total Week Run Miles: 19.45 miles <-- not bad for finishing up with that cold!
Total XT Miles: 2.20 cycle + some walking on Saturday <-- oops
Total Week Miles: 21.65 + change


How did your training go this week? Do you usually run through colds/sickness?

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