Friday, February 1, 2013

Surf City | IT'S HERE!

Y'all... it's HERE. The weekend I signed up for nearly 9 months ago, the weekend I've been training for since 18 weeks ago, and the weekend I have been nearly terrified of for just about a month. IT'S HERE. 

Surf City Marathon | Huntington Beach, California

I really can't believe it. How is it here already? Eeeep! I'm flying out here in a little bit from Atlanta to Ontario, where my lovely parents are hosting myself, Heather, Kasey and Katy Beth for the weekend (thanks mom and dad!). Tonight, the girls and I are taking my mom out for her birthday (Saturday) so we can carb-load and celebrate. Saturday is, of course, expo day, and Sunday is the big day. Unbelievable.

Post coming tomorrow about the expo and final pre-race thoughts (terrors... nightmares.. or you know, whatever you want to call them).

Last words of wisdom for me? How do you settle pre-race jitters?


  1. This is so exciting!! What time are you going to the Expo tomorrow? I will be there right when it opens and out of there to avoid the crowds. Have a great race and just relax and have a blast. Your goal should be to finish and nothing else!

  2. LOL love you how linked to my "blog" that isn't...

  3. Will at the Expo at the opening with Sandy! Wishing you all the best!!!!

  4. Can't to hear how it went! I'm sure you did great! xox