Friday, February 15, 2013

What's Next?

Admittedly, the biggest question on my mind since completing that 26.2 doozy just under two weeks ago. 

While it feels like it was only two weeks ago, it also feels like a lifetime ago. I owe that, in part, to a full recovery zero week, followed thereafter with a complimentary upper respiratory infection (apparently that's common after running a marathon), that has still left me with 0 miles on Daily Mile since February 3. You can only imagine how antsy that's making me.

Despite that, I've got a few things coming up that I'm excited about and looking forward to - and, as always, a few I'd like to add, but we'll cross that bridge when I feel 100% again. I really want to run the Scenic City Half up in Chattanooga next weekend, but with this infection lingering and having not run at all in nearly 14 days, I'm not sure my legs are up for the challenge. And while the race is rather cheap ($50!), I'd still like to make the adventure worth it.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be running this:
Taste of Athens 10K | February 16

Admittedly, I ran this last year with a cold, but this year's sickness is a whole new level. I hate the idea of DNSing, but maybe I'll walk it. Maybe. ;)

[Edit] No longer running Swamp Rabbit, or the other South Carolina half I really wanted to do, as a means of being a little more financially savvy (I tell ya, that part is over-rated). However, I do have a fun 10K coming up, because who doesn't love dressing for St. Patty's day twice?

And then, of course, the last major Georgia race I want to do, the Publix Half, on St. Patrick's Day. The medals are super fabulously green, shamrocks, and glittery - all things we know I love. Pretty excited about it and planning some fabulous green glitteryness for myself for the day of. What better opportunity than a race on St. Patrick's Day, right?
Publix Georgia Half Marathon | March 17 | Atlanta, GA

 That's it for the next few weeks at least. There's a TON more on my radar, but with a number of things up in the air right now, I need to carefully play it by ear! Runner problems indeed. 

What are you up to this spring? Any fun races coming up?


  1. yuck, upper respitory infection?! maybe it was just your body saying it really needed a rest. and it knows thats the only way to make you do it;)

    you have so many exciting things coming up!! totally did the smart thing and had things on the calendar right away. plus i TOTALLY understand the up in the air thing, it definitely plays havoc with everything lol. feel better!!

    1. Yeahhhh booo sickness! Lots of exciting things. I don't know that it was smart to put so many things on the calendar, but I'm going to roll with it and see how it goes. :)

  2. Ugh, I hate that you're still sick. :( But way to rock your 10k out this past weekend! I have to grin a bit at how similar we are (having never met). My post on Friday was exactly like this; looking ahead to my future races. To funny!

    1. Thanks lady! Felt like a decent run all things considered, and while I feel mentally ready to get back out there... I just can't bring myself to do it. What gives?

      We MUST meet one day. Please. It's kind of a requirement. :)