Friday, April 26, 2013

NWMDC | Ladies' Weekend

 It's here!

Our adventure to DC kicks off tonight with mine and Heather's flights from Atlanta to Reagan - we're the last to arrive, but that's okay. We save the best for last around here. ;) There are so many fabulous amazing women I get to go spend my weekend and I'm beyond excited - but before that, I think I need to introduce you to my NWMDC ladies' weekend posse. They're mostly sorority sisters, with two exceptions, but you still need to know how and why they're all important, because let's face it - they are.

Most of these fabulous ladies you'll recognize from other posts and races and miscellaneous sightings, however, they all deserve a proper introduction! Ready for the fun - it'll make you wish you were coming along with us. Promise.

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And then there's me...

Are you running NWM DC with us?

Look for the ladies in the obnoxious citrus-colors - we're all yellow or orange! We figured we'd stand out that way with everyone else in purple or turquoise. Come say hi if you see us! 

More to come tomorrow after the expo & the Nats game!



  1. I am running Nike with Team in Training!! So excited! Good luck!

    1. Awesome! Good luck to you too - hope it's great! Is it your first half?

  2. What a sweet post! Good luck on that sub two! You can do it!!

  3. Looks like you guys are going to have a great time! Super jealous you are doing this race...I want to do it next year! Good Luck!! Sub 2 baby!! Go for it! Just do not go out to fast! Have fun!!

    I love how you did the pictures/names/bios of did you do that? Is it a program that you use?