Friday, August 2, 2013

Los Angeles Love

I think it's true - or I hope it's true - that you truly cannot appreciate the place you grew up until you've gone off, found other things, and then come back. I said for the longest time that I wasn't sure if or when I would end up back in Southern California, but just shy of a month here ... I have no complaints. Let's talk about why...

Orange County Fair fun last weekend!
Afternoon walks along the shore.
 We (well, they) said good-bye to two summer interns, and celebrated by taking them to lunch at a fancy-pants resort called Terranea. After lunch, we walked down to their private cove, enjoyed a perfect beachside California afternoon ... and I was welcomed back to the state with a fry of a sunburn. 

While sitting at the cove though, as we all scattered, I got to look around and remember what I love about this place. I've always missed the beach, but thought it was just the beach, and I could make up for that anywhere. Wrong. Texas rivers did some good, Georgia tried, but there is nothing like hearing the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Smelling the salt and the sand. And knowing that you're home.

Happy hour for the boss' birthday (and my first day at work) at Trump National Golf Club. Yep, that's right.
Wherever this kid is, I'm home.
Molly's had a slow adjustment to mom and dad's backyard. I think buying her a sandbox, converted into a pool, has certainly helped, but I know she's confused beyond belief while I've been temporarily living here in San Pedro. After work tonight I head back to Chino where I'll begin a few weeks (months, maybe) of a long commute. But I know she'll be happier when I'm around and I'll feel more settled, too, knowing I get to come home to her every day again. 

What's better than the beach?
Last weekend I also got to have a nice beach afternoon with my parents. I stayed front-up to fight off that already stinging sun burn, but had a great afternoon until the fog rolled in! So strange. Oh, West Coast.

I feel good. I'm happy. I'm home. I'm settling into work, slowly but surely. But things are good. This weekend, I'm hanging around, getting unpacked, and spending time with my fur-baby, the boyfriend, and getting comfortable. Can't wait!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Megan! Wait, so are you going to be living in Chino for a while?