Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh, Right... I've Got a Half Marathon to Run

... whoops. The good news is that I finally seemed to find some kind of motivation this week. Wonder where that's been (that's a revelation I came to this morning - post soon!).

It's almost here! Race day is two weeks yesterday, Southwest is sending me reminders, and details are coming together. Woo! I think I'm really just looked forward to a fabulous weekend with some fabulous ladies and getting out of a groove of some kind. Lasssss Vegassssss, here we come!

1.51 miles / 16 minutes / 10:35 pace
Finished out the Monday with running dragging Molly around the block just to get out. Lovely evening!

3.08  miles / 29:38 minutes / 9:39 pace
Felt slow, and sluggish and was tired running a 9:40 mile. Ugh. Lousy! But happy that I got out a second day in a row, for a second run... finally.

2.08 miles / 19:50 minutes / 9:32 pace
I remember nothing about this. Clearly lackluster!

3.10 miles / 27:13 / 8:46 pace
Halloween miles (thus the 3.1!) and an awesome, awesome run. Made it a drive to just get on the sidewalk and push myself to see what I could do. Turns out... I ran only 3 second short of a 5K race PR. Who knew! Happy Halloween to me!


4.00 miles / 37:51 / 9:27 pace
Set out just hoping to get past the 3 mile wall. 4 is shorter than I planned, but still happy with how it went. I ended up chasing a lost pup a little bit because he looked like a dog on the flyer I had seen earlier in the run. Couldn't catch the dog and went back looking for the flyer, but couldn't find that either. I tried!

All in all... a decent week. 14 miles done, and not too shabby miles either. Better than zero! Maybe I'm slowly coming back.

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