Friday, November 15, 2013

Sin City, Here We Come!

By the time you read this... gooooood morning!

Off for an early flight in the morning to RnRLV - finally! It seems like forever ago we talked about this, forever ago that I finally signed up, and even though it's only been like six weeks, I feel like the airline tickets were purchased months ago.

Magenta and highlighter yellow are apparently my themes for the weekend.
IT'S HERE! So I'm off on a stupidly early flight to Vegas tomorrow morning, landing within half an hour of both Tina and  Heather, and then it's expo goodness time!

Tomorrow evening, I'm joining in on this:

SO excited to meet some of the fabulous F3 folks -- and get a little more in tune with what they're all about. Can't wait!

Of course, Sunday afternoon is race day. I'm not all about paying $5 for y'all to track me, 'caus that's ridiculous, but I'll holler when I'm done. Now that this nasty chest cold (er... bronchitis, but whatever) knocked me out this week, I'm even more so running this for fits and giggles. Far from trained, just out to have a good time. It is Vegas after all!

Who else is playing in Vegas this weekend with me!?


  1. w00t! Have a blast! :D

  2. I had a blast! It took me a day or two to realize I was kid-less and could party but I got there! Can't wait until I see you in Phoenix....hopefully all our injuries have healed by then :)

    1. I can't wait until Phoenix either... hopefully we'll ALL have a MUCH better race!