Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Race Report: Ontario Reindeer Run 5K

'Tis the season for reindeer-themed runs. I'm not one to complain.

Ontario Reindeer Run 5K | December 14, 2013
Ontario, CA

After last week's stellar 5K, and a couple of even more awesome runs this week, I was really excited to see if I could make some race day magic happen again. Doug and I signed up with my mom for this one, as the race is local and sponsors the Promise Scholars program, partially based in the school district my mom teaches in. The school with the most registered participants would win $1,000 for their school - and what better way than a 5K?

Mom and I!
Compared to the awesomeness of last week's small race, this one was hopping! Later, based on numbers, I learned this was double the size of last week's with almost 700 runners. That explains a lot.

I appreciate Christmas races for a few reasons: a) Yes, I'm a sucker for all things Christmas. b) They're the only ones I'll (generally) dress up for because who doesn't love antlers? (I ditched mine before the race) c) Elves, Santas, reindeers, and rein-dogs abound. Love.

The race was so front-heavy, Doug and I held on to the back and were literally among the last ten people to cross the start line. What's the point in gunning out when it's chip-timed anyway, right? Right.

First mile, 8:29. A little faster than last week, and a little too fast at that. By 1.5, my knee wasn't sore, it was just tired. In fairness to it (and me), I ran harder this week than I have in awhile. It felt great, and felt fine, but you know that it adds up after a while. I walked a bit into mile 2 (but still in 8:52, so I held on pretty well) and walked a bit more into mile 3 -- when was the last time I walked in a 5K? (answer: it's been awhile)

Ah well -- two minutes slower than last week, but I'm happy with a 5th in my age group! Considering the first in my age group ran a 23 flat, and the second and third ran 26:xx, I'd have to have run 3 seconds faster than last week just to finish in third. So with that... 5th is alright.

Done and done! (Doug's not dying, I promise)
Morning breakfast with mom and Doug aftwards, and on to Saturday.

One more 5K this month on December 28 with my sister. She's completing her New Year's resolution of doing a 5K a month, and was determined not to run a below-freezing one again in New York, so we found this one (far, far away) after Christmas before she heads back to the City. So excited!

Do you dress up for Christmas runs? Best costume you've seen?


  1. Congratulations on another 5K because they are tough. They are my least favorite distance. I was out on my long run and saw the sign directing people to park. I wish I would have known about the race so that I could have ran it for fun with my family.

    1. I'll keep you in the loop for future ones! Chino's big one, the Run for Russ, is February 1. :)

  2. Far, far away indeed but I thought we'd end and start the year of running together :)

    1. Absolutely. I'm excited. :) I'm sad because the Ugly Sweater 5K is THIS weekend and I wish you were here in time for that!