Friday, January 24, 2014

On the Move ... Again!

No, no, I'm not cross-country bound again. Thankfully. I am, however, in the process of moving closer to work - holla!

Kid you not, this is, essentially, the view from my new digs. Just move me over a few blocks and a little lower on the hill (closer to the water). I'm really excited about this for several reasons (most of which you'll say duh, I would be too!)

  • My commute is now 5 miles. Why is this exciting? Because my previous one was 52 miles (one-way) and some days, would take me upwards of 2 hours to do. Hooray Southern California traffic.
  • If I'm smart and on the ball, I can take the student shuttle to campus (re: no driving my own car during the week? Win!)
  • I look at that. Every morning. 
  • With a 15 minute commute, now I'll get to actually get up and run, or gym, or do whatever I like before I head to work. Wait, you mean actually start running and training like a normal person again? Count me in!
Despite the long drive, I'm so very grateful for my parents for supporting the notion that I would hang with them for about six months. I had have some financial recovery to do, and I got a significant portion of that done with their gracious welcome back into their home - not every day a 28-year-old moves back in, let alone wants to. More on that later though, because I've been working hard to make that a reality and am super proud of how far I've come with my financial goals (and still have more to do).

But at any rate, I've been here since Monday, and despite travelling again this weekend, am looking forward to settling in a little bit more. Molly will be coming back with me on Sunday after my second trip to... 


Yep, that's right... back in the desert state again. This weekend, I'm there for our mid-year sorority board meeting. While I wish we could have combined it with the shenanigans of last weekend, I'm more glad we didn't, even though it means two weekends on the road instead of laying on my couch. Such is life. This weekend will be a lot more relaxed, combine with a little adventure on Mill Ave, and I'm actually quite looking forward to it again. 

Here's to weekend adventures in the same city x 2. And moving closer to work! And looking at the harbor every morning. < content sigh >

What was your longest commute ever? 


  1. Nice! I commute 40 miles a day to work and 40 miles back home! I understand your pain! This is going to be so much better for you. The view is perfect!

    1. Soooo much better. I'm so excited to have time (and energy!) to run again! Hooray!

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