Saturday, January 18, 2014


Goooood early morning!

I'm finally Phoenix-bound for the second half of the Desert Double Down journey with these fabulous ladies:

While I just ran that half last weekend (and really, didn't do terribly all things considered), I'm curious how I'll end up with this one. I think I will be sticking to some intervals, knowing that my legs aren't fully ready for another 13.1 But at this point, I've just got my eye on this prize:

Heck yes! Two medals this weekend. This is my first race challenge series, so I'm super excited to be doing it and earning that extra bling. I do it for the bling, what can I say?

This is also weekend #1 of a two-part series where I'm driving to Phoenix this weekend for the race and some fun, and next weekend will be flying to Phoenix for a sorority board meeting and some more fun! Lots of Arizona in my future. Let's do it!

Are you racing this weekend? Will I see you in Phoenix? 

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  1. You did see me in Phoenix!!! I LOVED having a race challenge. I need to find more!