Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ragnar So Cal: It's Here!


I can’t believe that after six long months of trying to put together a team, having so much interest, people finally committing, and losing one runner and finding another, over details and team names and colors and decorations… Ragnar So Cal is upon us!

 Team shenanigans begin tonight when Heather finds her way down to LA. All the rest come in at various points. I'm really excited to pull this team together and see and MEET everyone for the first time! 

Curious how we all came together? Check it:

  • Me - I mean, duh.
  • Heather - also a duh, if you pay attention to this blog at all (Bay Area)
  • Kasey - sorority sister (Phoenix)
  • Trista - sorority sister (Phoenix)
  • Katie - sorority sister (Los Angeles)
  • Beth - we found via the Facebook event page! (Bakersfield)
  • Jackie - friend of Kasey's (Phoenix)
  • Vanessa - Facebook event page (San Diego)
  • Bryana - Facebook event page (Las Vegas)
  • Lindsey - Kasey's friend (Phoenix)
  • Kim - student affairs runners Facebook group (Los Angeles)
  • Jill - Kim's colleague (Los Angeles)
So we literally have quite the assortment, but via Facebook, email, text communication, we have an amazing team put together and I could not be more excited! Sure, sometimes it's fun to know everyone you're doing such shenanigans with (especially in close-knit van quarters for 36 hours), but I'm genuinely excited to pull together people from all kinds of places.

Packing is in full-force, but thankfully I have a few days to get that together still! As captain-ish, and sharing duties with HP but my apartment is sort of serving as headquarters, so there's not only MY stuff everywhere, but the starting of our team food supply, decorations, other supplies and van necessities. The dog's bed is now my supply storage center... sorry pup.

 We're Team #470, Adventures in Runderland - feel free to follow us on Instagram/Twitter at #RagnarRunderland. And otherwise, we hope to see you out somewhere between HB and SD!

Will I see you out at Ragnar So Cal?!

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  1. I am so glad that you had a good time! (I know you did, because I saw your Facebook and Instagram posts... haha.) Sorry I suck at blogger! Miss you! I wanna do a Ragnar with you someday!