Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fontana Days Half: Week 2

I realize I never posted Week 1, as I honestly wasn't sure how far I'd get. Now that I can say Week 2 is down (and then some), I'm pretty excited about where I'm headed with this!

Heeeere we go! 
The Fontana Days Half is my new target race. As you may or may not remember, Nike last year was my goal race. I trained. I worked my butt off. #sub2orbust was everywhere - and after 90 seconds at the first aid tent at mile 7, I finished at a 2:01:33. I had it in me. I know I did. But enough about that - you can rehash it here, if you really desire.

Fontana is coming up on June 7 - so close! I'm working hard, in the six weeks I have between races (Redlands and this one). And so far, feeling good. The course looks like this:

I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to that helping me out. However, I've nailed most of my runs so far and am looking forward to tackling this guy. So... with that, Week 2, here we go!

Monday: 4 mi easy (10:30)
4 miles, 9:33 pace
I usually wimp out on post-work day runs, and come up with every excuse in the book. Finally got out and did this, ready to rock. I tried slowing down. I just couldn't! I turned this into a time test and did 2 miles with the pup (19:21) and then 2 on my own (18:53). Monday afternoon success!

Tuesday: 3 mi easy (10:24)
2 miles, 9:40 pace
Nothing remarkable? Legs were a little tired after Monday night's run, but pushed through and got a solid 2 in at least.

Wednesday: 5 miles, 3 @ HMP (9:09)
5 miles, 3 @ tempo (8:59)
This run was aaaaaaah-mazing. I was targeting just getting in a solid 5 miles and was going to try and push for 3 solid HMP miles. After mile 2 clicked by and hit an 8:58, I thought that maybe there was a way to pull this off and make it a solid tempo workout too - boom. Done and done! I love my 5-mile route because it is a rolling downhill, which will mimic Fontana well and get my knees and quads ready for the difficulty. Boom.

Thursday: Rest
1.14 miles, Girls on the Run practice
Moved my long run up to Friday, so was gonna go for zero, but went for a little shake-out before practice started with the girls. Easy peasy.

Friday: 8 miles (10:30)
4.79 miles, 9:08 pace

Saturday: Rest
Graduation day at Marymount! That was plenty effort for the day. :)

Overall, a successful week. Several runs were at the end of the day, and while the last few months have been nothing but excuses, I feel like I'm finally moving past that self-wall and getting out there and just doing it. And it feels amazing. Week 3, I'm ready for ya! Leggo!

Any tips as I head into Week 3? Sub 2 or bust! 

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