Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fontana Days Half: Week 3

Training: Week 3

Overall, this week was pretty fantastic - tough, but I felt good. After an extended rest day last weekend thanks to graduation at the University and Mother's Day fun at my parent's house, I was ready to tackle the week. And for the most part, I did!

Monday: 3 mi easy (10:24)
3.01 miles (10:01)
Much like last week, I tend to wimp out at the end of a work day. For whatever reason, this day felt difference and I just wanted to get out and go. Who knew?! I tried keeping it slow and relaxed, but as normal (to this day, I can't pace myself) I went out real hard in the first mile and then had no other way but to slow down for the last two. But I killed the four beastly hills on my 3-mile loop, so I was super pumped and pleased with my effort.

Tuesday: 3 mi easy (10:24)
2.0 miles (10:33)
Morning miles with the puppy - legs felt unbelievably tired after Monday evening's run, so I took Molly along to keep it slow(er). Shorter than planned, but enough to get moving with the pup to start the day!

Wednesday: 6 miles, 4 @ tempo (8:54)
3.23miles (9:34)
Despite two earlier awesome runs, this morning was really hard to get up for. Like really hard. So I finally made it out of bed at 7 am and on the day when it was supposed to be 105 degrees inland, that was a bad choice even for me on the coast. Set out for a loop and would call it a victory, whatever it was. Partial fail.

But my Wednesday night ended with a soccer game date with my daddio to see the Galaxy's reserve team in the first round of the Open Cup. Not a bad way to end my day! :)

Thursday: 3 mi easy (10:24)
2.00 miles speedwork (4x400)
After a late night out at the game, I was already planning on NOT making it up for a morning run, but figured since I had GOTR practice anyway, I'd run with them. Figures that the lesson plan for the day involved hardly any running! Bummer.

It was crazy hot on Thursday, but I wanted to stick around and at least do something. I knew there was no way I was going to last 12 loops on our sidewalk track, so I thought I'd experiment with some speedwork. First true speed workout in almost a year - and I felt it. The heat didn't help, but I managed to squeak out a 1 mile warm up (10:00) and 4x400 (1:34, 1:44, 1:43, 1:43). This time last year, I'd laugh and be angry about such a workout because I knew I was capable of better, but frankly after a year off the track... I'm quite pleased. Work to be done, but it's a start!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 miles LSD (10:24)
2.25 (9:37) + 3.33 (13:47) + 2.05 (10:06) = 7.63 mi
Woo! I thought I had more than 5 miles on the agenda (and left my calendar at home, so that's what was in my head). Going to bed on Friday night, my goal was to do the 2-mile block as a warm up, do my first-ever trail race (!), and then run another block when I got home.

Warm up block was an awesome way to get moving for the morning - it was still cool then, and felt good to get the legs shaken out. The trail run was HARD - oi vey! But more on that tomorrow! And then, despite it being stupidly hot at 10:30 am, dropped my stuff off in the house and set out for that last block. Holla. 7.63 miles on the day. More than thrilled!

Week 4, here we come! Week 4 culminates in my longest long run for this #sub2orbust attempt. Nervous, but allowing myself to go with the flow and make what I will of it. Feeling good heading into this week, so let's hope that sticks around!

3 weeks until race day!

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