Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Years Race Ambassador Kick Off

Have I mentioned how excited I am about this whole experience? I could not be more thrilled and anxious about working with the awesome folks at New Years Race LA for the next six-ish months as part of their Brand Ambassador team. Lots of exciting things coming this blog's way in the next few months - hooray!
The noms.

Last week, we had our kick off dinner and welcome for the 15 of us that were chosen as BAs for the year at The Standard in downtown LA. Jive Live owns NYR (and the Dodgers 5K and the Hollywood Hard Rock 5K and works on the Hollywood Half too!), and their team is small, but seriously determined to put on amazing events (they do more than just running events too!). With us 15 ambassadors, there were still maybe only 25 people at dinner.

Hypnotizing ping pong!
While I've connected with just about everyone via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or all of the above, it was awesome to put faces to names and make real connections! One of the ambassadors, Karolynh, actually lives not far from me so she turned into my carpool buddy for the night, so we made quick friends! She's one of 4 that also served as an ambassador last year, so thankfully there are several newbies on board with me... I think I'm the only newbie that hasn't run the actual race though!

The night started with some introductions from the Jive Live crew, talking about their history and what each of the office team does (again, small, but mighty crew!) and what our role as ambassadors is and does for the race and the company.

Dwayne... the only guy to beat me... twice.
Naturally, because we all like a little competition, it continued with a ping pong tournament to get us in a little friendly competition mode. You know me.. I like a little competition. You might even call me competitive. Double elimination, and I finished the overall female champ - holla!

I'm really excited to be getting to work these folks. What better than an awesome race that starts at Dodgers Stadium, and runs through downtown under the lights and stars? I'm pretty freaking excited about it, as I've eye-balled this race since it started in 2012. So I guess it's about time to get out and do it myself!

Registration price goes up on Sunday, June 1, but if you register NOW you can get in for only $70! Use my code, NYRMegan15, and save yourself $15 off the code (code good until 12/31, but why wait?).

Will I see you run LA at night?

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